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Three Reasons You Think You Don’t Need Voice Overs

Sunday, December 30, 2018
If you're a small business owner or heading up a lean marketing team, you might not think you have any need for voice over talent. There are many reasons this could be the case, and they all lead to doing it yourself or skipping voice content entirely.
The problem is, taking this attitude leads to missed opportunities for your business to impress possible customers, leading them into the arms of your competitors. Let's look at three reasons we hear often that companies avoid seeking voice over talent.
It's Such a Hassle
The first thing many people imagine when thinking about voice talent is conducting auditions and listening to sample readings from voice actors. Who has time for that? Then there's the selection process, recording, and re-recording until you get it perfect.
There's No Budget for That
That long audition, selection, and recording process brings us to this point—it all sounds expensive, doesn't it? Whether you're setting up an interactive voice response (IVR) phone system, putting out a radio ad, or adding vocals to an instructional animated video, it's hard to justify a huge budget when other competing expenses arise.
We Can Do It Ourselves
"I know it'll sound great if we get a professional, but Sally in Finance has a good voice and she was a DJ for her college radio station."
It's easy to grab a microphone and record audio, and even easier to justify when you can say you saved your company money by doing so. Why would you pay good money for a professional when you can create audio in an hour and move on to the next project?
We've Got Your Back
The fact is, there's a better way that won't break the bank. Voice Talent Now offers an affordable, quality, and easy solution to overcome all these objections and give you the audio results your business deserves. Contact Voice Talent Now to build your company's true voice today.

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