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Should I Hire Male or Female Voice Over Talent?

Monday, November 18, 2019

If you're going to promote your brand the right way, you've got to get the right content out to your followers.

Having great videos to showcase your products and personality will launch you into another stratosphere of brand building, but only if you nail it. You might have a great director shooting the videos, great writers to come up with the concepts for the videos, but how do you get the best voice-overs?

That's what we're here to talk about today: voice-overs.

Specifically, whether to use male or female voice over talent for your videos. Both can be great, but which direction should YOU go in? Let's find out.

Why Does It Matter?

The voice-over you use matters because that's what's ultimately conveying the message behind your video. You can have a perfect video, but if the voice-over sounds unprofessional or lacks confidence, then it's going to lose its effect.

This debate isn't over males being better for voice-over than females or vice versa, it's about getting the vibe right in your video. Traditionally, male voices have been used to promote products geared towards men and female voices for products geared towards women.

That's not necessarily how things are anymore, though. A female voice in an advertisement for the military or lawnmowers can be an unexpected and jarring twist that might command the viewer's attention.

Likewise, a male voice over might give your perfume advertisement a whole new meaning. Whether that meaning achieves the same thing your video is trying to is a whole other story. It's really all about what you're trying to convey.

Male Voice Over Talent vs. Female Voice Over Talent For Your Video

So, let's look at the factors that you have to consider when making this decision. Your product, the video's tone, and the response you want are all crucial.

What's Your Product?

What are you trying to sell with your video and how does the gender of the voice-over affect that? 

Evidence has shown that voice-over gender really doesn't matter to people most of the time, but when you're dealing with female-oriented products, then it does. Men aren't as effective as women at selling feminine hygiene products and makeup.

But, if you're a tech company selling a new app, gender simply doesn't matter, so long as your voice-over is trustworthy.

Trust and Tone

The tone you get from the female voice and the male voice will differ. A male voice might sound a bit more forceful and convincing, but a lot of people simply prefer the timbre of a female voice.

The University of Glasgow did a study where they sampled 300 voices saying the word "hello". The lowest-pitched male voices were considered the least trustworthy and the highest-pitched female voices were considered the most trustworthy.

Why is this? female voices are usually softer and less aggressive, so an average audience is more likely to trust them. That being said, if you're going for a more aggressive pitch, a male voice-over could be a better choice.

It's Time to Make Your Choice

There is no "better" when it comes to male and female voice over talent; there's only "right". The only way you'll find the right talent is by sampling a few different ones, both male and female, and seeing what works for your video.

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