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3 Important Radio Advertising Trends for 2022

Monday, September 12, 2022

Despite a slight drop in the number of listeners over the years, 83% of Americans age 12 and older still listen to terrestrial radio, also known as traditional (AM/FM) radio. 

Radio advertising is still a valuable method of reaching customers all over the country. And yet, radio remains competitive, so you need to know how to reach those listeners and keep them hooked. That means looking into and using the latest radio advertising trends. 

Here are three you must know about for 2022 and beyond. 

1. Personal Testimonials 

One trend in the advertising world is the use of personal testimonies. It's no surprise, as 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. 

You can use that data to craft radio advertisements that will genuinely speak to your audience. It will sound more like a personal friend is speaking to your listeners rather than a company or stranger. 

Using testimonials brings a friendly tone to an ad. Plus, it will sound less like a traditional advertisement, meaning people are more likely to listen. 

2. More Storytelling

Take a moment to think about the most impactful advertisements you've seen or heard. Chances are that they used some type of storytelling to get a message across. 

Marketing professionals know that the key to reaching an audience is through storytelling. That applies to many types of advertising, but especially radio. 

Why? You're only relying on voice talent and writing to reach people rather than visuals. You might only have a few seconds to keep their attention. 

Brands that tell a story create memorable ads that stick in the listeners' minds. People are more likely to talk about these ads, which raises awareness and boosts your business. 

Two great types of advertisements that work with storytelling include personified ads and testimonial ads. 

3. Adding Humor 

There are several ways to get an ad to stick in a person's mind, such as pulling on the heartstrings with the tale of perseverance or coming up with something memorable that will make them laugh. 

Humor is a powerful advertising tool when used right, especially when it comes to advertising on the radio. 

Funny radio ads have an authentic feel to them, which can give your advertisements a sense of warmth. You're still selling a product, but you're adding a touch of personality. It also works with almost any type of product advertisement. 

Of course, the key to nailing a funny ad is to get the right voice talent for the job. Just take a look at some of the most iconic examples in history to see how the power of voice makes such a difference, whether it's a cartoon or a movie theater trailer. 

Mastering Radio Advertising

If you want to create ads that make an impression, be sure to use these radio advertising trends. 

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