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4 Voice Exercises To Help You Maintain Your Voice

Monday, January 2, 2023

Research suggests that our voice quality shapes up to 87% of the opinions other people form about us. This makes the sound of your voice important for every aspect of life, but especially professionally when it drives your talent.

To maintain the quality, take proper care of your vocals. Like any other muscle, they require exercise to stay strong. 

Read on to learn four voice exercises that will keep your sound in check.

1. Breathing Meditation

All voice talent should practice breathing exercises daily. After all, the breath carries your voice for others to hear.

Begin and complete each day with a simple breathing meditation. Close your eyes and sit with a straight spine.

Slowly inhale through your nose to the count of eight, pause for the count of eight, exhale through your nose for the count of eight, and then once again pause for that count of eight. Repeat this two to three times.

After a while, the eight counts may feel easier. Extend it to nine seconds, and then 10, and so on. 

This exercise relaxes your voice and improves your range. Sitting straight improves your posture, which in turn helps your vocals.

By making a meditation out of the exercise, you also clear your mind and calm any anxiety. This takes nervousness and shakes from your voice.

2. Hum

Hum when you with preparing your voice before practicing or performing. Humming uses fewer muscles than singing, so it can open your voice without straining it.

Whether you plan to sing or speak, this warmup warms up your vocals and gets them clear. It also makes sure you don't pull a muscle. 

Mouth closed, place your tongue on the back of your teeth. Hum through the tonal scale. 

First, begin where it feels comfortable. Then start at a lower scale and then at a higher scale to warm up your chords for a wide range. 

3. Roll and Trill

Everybody trips up on words every now and again. This happens with nerves and when the muscles of the mouth get tight.

Enunciation is key for voice talent. Doing exercises that loosen all muscles involved in vocalizing will help you speak clearly for your voice over.

For lip rolls, simply motorboat your lips several times. Tongue trills require you to roll your Rs.

Look up Italian words that require a roll and exaggerate it. Practice this every day.

4. Gargle

The motion of gargling alone improves the electrical activity in muscles involved with vocalizing making it a great exercise for voice preparation. Add salt and warm water to soothe your throat and ready it for your professional performance. 

Salt water also helps prevent harmful bacteria from making you sick, so you can do this every night to help keep your body and voice healthy. If your throat hurts, alternate between salt water and honey water.

Honey also provides antimicrobial properties. It has a soothing quality that will exercise your voice back to health quickly.

Make Voice Exercises Your Priority

When you choose a voice talent career, the way you sound matters. This is why you should make voice exercises an important part of your daily routine.

Voice exercises keep your vocals healthy while maintaining your voice. With them, you can stay on top of your career and always put your best face forward.

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