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Voice Overs for Narration

Tuesday, August 8, 2017
Voice over narration remains one of the most difficult styles of voice over work. The ability to maintain stamina and technique throughout the narration is the hallmark of a star voice over actor in this field.
If you have ever been a fan of digital or audio books read aloud, you are aware of how much effort goes into sustaining a character, or a persona for hours on end. Even monster-sized classics that still intimidate high school English students are available as audio versions. Moby Dick or War and Peace are no easy tasks, but the artists who undertake these jobs are prepared and trained with voice techniques to provide the listener with more than twenty hours of consistent characterization.
Voice over artists in narration often have a background in theatre or dramatic arts so that they may offer clear distinctions between characters. Jumping from a young, naive girl in the country to a crusty old caretaker within seconds - and then jumping back to the original character requires a fiery imagination as well as solid technique.
Genres differ within voice over narration, and different styles call for different artists. Nonfiction narratives call for a much different method of delivering the text than a children's book. And of course a children's book requires a significantly different style than a romance or a bodice-ripper. Creating a mood and setting a tone demand an artist who is familiar with the genre and who knows what the listener requires.
At Voice Talent Now, we are committed to providing you with the strongest voice over talent available, no matter what your narrative needs are. Please contact us to learn more about all of the talent available.

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