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Professional Phone Prompts Elevate Your Business

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Smaller businesses think that phone prompt messages are expensive items that are best left to larger companies, but our prices make them accessible for everyone. With many industries providing remote services for customers, their internet and phone presence becomes a very important aspect of creating a professional and helpful image. For companies that are multilingual or provide services for customers overseas, it becomes even more important to help these customers navigate your phone directory with ease. If you are looking to update or create a helpful phone prompt system for your company, we can help get you there.

How Do I Get Started?

Provide us with a copy of your phone script for each turn along the way. We will then create separate files for you to then insert into your phone system. It's that easy. Our voice over artists speak multiple languages so it is very possible that you can use one voice throughout your phone system to maintain consistency for your company. Just upload your document to our system, provide any special instructions and you will have your completed work within a few hours.

What Do I Say In My Script?

Your script can be as simple as press a * to reach Mr. X or to reach to the customer service department, press #3. However, you can also get a little creative in you script. Don't be afraid to use the time you have with your customer or potential customer to market new items, provide more information about your company including business hours and location. You can switch out your prompts regularly to advertise upcoming events or promotions. Your phone messages can be an ongoing form of marketing for your company.

Browse our selection of voice over artists to determine what tone and voice best suites your company. Whether you are looking for the guy next door or someone who can provide guidance and assurance, Voice Talent Now has the voice of your company. Contact us for more information.

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