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Voiceover E-Learning for This Generation

Monday, August 27, 2018

Students today thrive on technology. They want to walk to the bus station while texting. Television is no longer the main staple for news, Twitter reads faster than a newspaper. The current generation wants life fast - now, now, now - with no wait times. Instant gratification. These same people want college served on a keyboard with the world one click away. Quick classes teaching minor skills is the new method of learning. Grab a coupon online, take a three-week course in an hour. With this stage and audience, one thing a voice-over actor cannot be is a monotone voice - the slowest walker in the group - in a fast-paced age.

How should you filter your voiceover search to find the voice you need to teach today's youth and for your e-learning course? Look at what potential students expect from a teacher.

  • High Energy - Ben Stein is the wrong voice for current classroom roll call. Students want - no, need - a smooth conversationalist ready to give information fast in a relatable voice. High Energy meets today's generation where they are and speeds up the learning process.
  • Powerful - Student's may change with the rapid rise of technology but still, want to know the person teaching them has knowledge on the topic they teach. YouTube is great for lifestyle and home repair projects but for classes to teach how to be a headstrong profession requires power, confidence, and an authoritative voice. Voice-overs for e-learning should not presume to be commanding a situation but instead, understand their class.
  • Hip - Authoritative voices are grand but students who text in secret codes want authority in a conversational tone. Voiceovers for e-learning should search for youthful authoritative voices who sound like they are conversing - including the students in the process instead of a one-way conversation - with their class.
  • Inflection - the voice of learning is no longer monotone but full of emotion and pitch. Students are no longer focusing on their teacher with rapt attention, but half listening as they type notes, tweet about their learning, messaging a friend and eating avocado toast with a mocha latte. If you want a voice to break their distractions, the voice must emphasize the lesson over other activities.

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