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Let Voice Over Talent Drive Your Automotive Ad

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

If an automobile could speak, what would it sound like? Perhaps these 'voices' come to mind:

  • Deep, like the rumble of a Hemi
  • Smooth, like the swift glide of a luxury sedan
  • Quick and bright, like a shiny coupe
  • Sensible but fun, like an SUV or minivan

In the automotive industry, one size obviously doesn't fit all. Imagine draping a Ford 4x4 with a Fiat cover. While you could say that 4x4 has a cover, it's simply the wrong choice for providing the protection needed to ride out bad weather or extended storage. You buy the cover that fits your needs. The same applies to promoting an automotive business.

Just as what we see with our eyes, what we hear with our ears paints a picture in our mind. Words spoken the right way can inspire feelings of safety, luxuriousness, speed, or responsibility - all the things automobile manufacturers want conveyed by their brand.

Our voice over talent artists customize their tone, pitch, and pace to capture the essence, or brand, of domestics and imports. Invite your targeted audience through:

  • Website or YouTube promotions
  • Audio or video sales commercials

To successfully compete with other businesses, you must convince your audience that your business is the right place for their automotive needs. Make your business stand out, whether it's

  • a dealership under a regional brand
  • a foreign car expert
  • a small, local enterprise
  • a parts, service, or aftermarket merchant

Our voice over talent speaks in your distinctive voice, including cultural and regional accents, whether your preferred approach is:

  • the hard sell
  • conversational
  • the family friend

Browse our voice talent and see what makes a good fit for your business!

Our 5-step ordering process is user-friendly, giving you an instant estimate for your spot. This streamlined system allows you to

  1. select the artist right for your voice
  2. provide the words you want them to speak
  3. include additional instructions and notes
  4. upload a text, audio, or video
  5. make payment (which starts at $49)

You'll receive your completed job in as little as 3 hours. If you're ready to give voice to your automotive offerings, order your Voice Talent Now.

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