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Selecting the Right Voice has Never Been so Easy!
Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Selecting the Right Voice has Never Been so Easy!

It takes a special kind of marketer to really understand what having the right voice to represent a brand can do for business. In advertising, often times the voice is the first line of communication and hearing a tone that customers trust, find easy to listen to, and that sounds reputable is the best way to convince them that your product or offer is right for them. So, just where do you find the right voice talent for your business? And, isn't hiring voice actors costly? Doesn't it take a lot of time to produce voice over segments? Below, we'll take a look at these frequently asked questions and find out just why hiring a voice actor can boost your marketing campaigns to levels you would have never dreamed before.

Why Customers Respond to Vocal Advertising

A recent Record article has this to say about just how much audio powered advertising affects the modern marketing environment:

"In a connected world, audio has the power to cut through the clutter — often with a more emotionally resonant and intimate message than other forms of advertising."

Vocal advertising connects with customers, provides emotional attachment with your brand, and speaks to them on a human level. Oftentimes hearing a comforting voice that customer's trust speaking on your product or services is enough to persuade them to purchase your product over a competitors. understands this customer connection better than many vocal talent providers and in doing so provides a plethora of options at inexpensive prices that can be ready for use just hours after ordering. Has the Best Vocal Option for You Now! 

Now that we've taken a look at some of the reasons to buy online voice talent, let's examine some of the amazing offers has for you! Whether it's radio, TV, web audio, voicemail, or other long form narration VTN has the voice actors to get the job done. Since 2005, VTN have employed voice over talented that are put through an extensive vetting process and are ready to record right now. With you won't have to go through the on-line auctions hoping to have the highest bid only to pay more than you want for a talented vocal recording. Instead, VTN offers a plethora of reasons to buy online voice talent and offers options at a low cost with expedient turnaround times.  

Inexpensive, Unique, Multiple Options offers a multitude of unique options with varying styles, tones, and sounds for choosing the perfect voice to meet your needs. Whether you're looking for a warm, sexy, female voice, a conversational British male voice, or hard sell, fire and brimstone, vocal track, VTN has something for you. With scripts beginning at only $49 and with turnaround times starting at three hours, you can have your recording shortly after ordering and without breaking your marketing budget. Contact VTN today to buy voice talent online and find the right voice for you and your business! 

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