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Giving Voice to Animation Projects, Made Simple

Thursday, November 15, 2018
If you're in the market for voice talent for your animation projects, you're no doubt aware of the enormous popularity of online streaming and other social media demands for animation.  
Animation is not only in games and movies but in virtual and augmented reality as well. Beyond the entertainment industry, these have a place in medical and industrial or corporate settings in the form of virtual guided tours and instructional videos.  
According to Research and Markets, a leading market researcher, the value of the animation and virtual effects (VFX) industry is expected to exceed $270 billion in the next two years. As technological advancements become more accessible, there will be an even greater demand for quality artists to voice animation projects.
Implementing new technology can often be an expensive proposition. No one wants to cut corners, trading quality production for cost savings. But, at the same, time, who doesn't want a bargain? It may seem that having a high-quality, sensibly priced animation project is not realistic. And, while it is true that quality often comes with a hefty price tag, that doesn't always have to be the case.
Voice Talent Now artists cover a wide range of voices for all types of animation. Quality at reasonable prices and with a fast turnaround time is what we offer. Our basic service works like this:
  1. upload a 30- to 60-second script 
  2. choose your artist
  3. submit payment
  4. receive two to three takes of raw, unedited voice by email in less than 24 hours (often in as little as 3 hours)
If you'd like us to handle the merging of the raw audio with music or SFX, we can help. Contact us at for cost and other detail. 
Audio that suits your need, delivered in a timely manner, and without breaking the bank. Let Voice Talent Now give voice to your animation project today!

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