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Voice Overs Enhance the E-Learning Experience

Tuesday, January 15, 2019
Technology has made it possible for learning to come to part-time and full-time students whether they are connected to a university, in the office, at the public library, at school, at home, or while mobile. A talented narrative voice is key to maximizing the benefits of any e-learning course. 
A voice-enhanced course assists the learning process, enhancing the student's ability to take in information which can then more readily be turned into usable knowledge. The voice can be used to emphasize or underline main points, making key takeaways stand out. It is a tool that can be used in a variety of ways: to paraphrase text, to detail what the text summarizes, repeat the text word-for-word, or to describe the contents of charts or other non-text visuals. Adding a voice to an e-learning course engages the timeless social bond of storyteller and listener, encouraging attention to and retention of information.
The Voice Principle created by educational psychologist Richard Mayer states: "People learn better when the narration in multimedia lessons is spoken in a friendly human voice rather than a machine voice." Just as the voice and delivery of a live instructor can encourage either daydreaming or focused attention, choosing the right voice is key to a successful narrated e-course. Speech punctuated with 'ums', 'ers', and 'you know' or with a choppy delivery can have listeners reaching for the mute button. Our narrative artists are trained to provide a smooth, even delivery that is free of word whiskers and annoyingly repetitive phrases.
When you browse our talent pool, you'll have the opportunity to choose the voice most suited to your audience and subject. Is the subject new to your students? An informal conversational tone will promote a deeper learning experience. Are your students simply brushing up on a familiar subject? A  factual tone would better suit this audience. Once you've identified the right tone, blend it with the gender, age, and accent that best represents your brand.
Entrust your course transcript to us. Choose the talented voice right for you, make your purchase, and in a short time, we will return your student-ready e-course. Let Voice Talent Now be your voice in e-learning.

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