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I Know That Voice....5 Companies Using Celebrity Voice-Overs

Monday, March 11, 2019

Most people tend to zone out during commercials. But a few smart companies picked up on the trend and found a creative way to combat advertising agnosticism.

Their answer? Celebrity voice-overs. A recognizable voice is a great way to drum up interest and pique audience curiosity.

Check out how these five companies are using celebrity voice-overs to bring excitement back to their ads.

1. Visa

The credit card world can get hyper-competitive. To help their cards stand out, Visa enlisted the help of one of the world's most recognizable voices: Morgan Freeman.

Freeman's silky smooth baritone voice narrated Visa's commercials up until mid-2018 when Visa pulled the ads due to an unrelated controversy.

In a fun move, comedian Seth Rogen offered to replace Freeman via Twitter. Though Visa didn't take him up on his offer, the Vancouver public transit system did.

2. Arby's

Arby's is currently pulling double-duty with their celebrity commercials.

H. John Benjamin, best known for his starring roles on "Bobs Burgers" and "Archer," now acts as the brand's face.

But what about that deep voice proudly proclaiming, "We have the meats"?

Despite what many think, the rich voice doesn't belong to James Earl Jones. Instead, the voice belongs to Ving Rhames, who you may know from "Pulp Fiction" or the "Mission Impossible" series.

3. Walgreens

Walgreens' 2016 campaign emphasized how customer savings could help those in third world countries. To spearhead the campaign, the drug store leaders needed a warm, friendly voice to gel with their feel-good commercials.

"30 Rock" creator and former "Saturday Night Live" star Tina Fey served as the ad campaign's spokesperson, bringing her signature pep and upbeat tone to the commercials.

Though Fey is no stranger to voice-over work, partnering with Esurance and American Express, as well.

4. Esurance

Speaking of Esurance, Tina Fey isn't the company's only celebrity spokesperson.

Before he achieved success as Jim Halpert on "The Office," actor John Krasinski partnered with Esurance, an off-shoot of Allstate.

Krasinski continued to work with Esurance until late 2018 when the agency began a new campaign. Dennis Quaid currently serves as the company's voice and face.

5. Planters

As iconic as Mr. Peanut is, Planters never deemed voice-overs necessary. It's a common mistake and one that took years to fix at that.

To voice their classic character, they needed someone who was sharp, quick-witted and has a distinct voice.

Their choice was none other than "Saturday Night Live" alum Bill Hader. Hader's work as Mr. Peanut is a fine balance between humor and sophistication.

Keep an Ear Out For These Celebrity Voice-Overs

These five brands prove that celebrity voice-overs are a great way to add some levity to your campaign. Be it humorous, serious, or even a little strange, the right voice-over can make all the difference.

Of course, you don't need to hire a celebrity to get a great voice-over. Voice Talent Now is the perfect solution for brands in need of high-quality, affordable talent.

If you're interested in learning more about how voice-overs can help your campaign, contact us today or check out our roster of voice talent. 

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