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Male vs Female Voice: What is Right for Your Next Voice-Over Project

Monday, April 8, 2019

The human brain processes sound in a way that attempts to keep us safe. In seconds, it discerns the size, identity, and location of the source.

As humans have evolved, these natural abilities are used in perceiving whether a voice is trustworthy or authoritative.

An essential part of choosing the right actor for your audio project is whether they are male or female.

Keep reading to discover the difference between the male vs female voice and why it matters.

Female Voices

Female voices are higher in pitch and processed in a different area of the brain than the male voice. In a study of 12 men, women's voices were processed in the same area that processed music. The female voice is considered much more complex than the baritone of the male voice.

Because women have been caretakers of young children for centuries, female voices are perceived as more nurturing and trust-worthy. In a study of over two thousand participants, 46% of people stated that they felt a female voice was more soothing vs. the 46% that said gender didn't matter. 

Male Voices

If people are so drawn to the feminine voice, where do men fit in? The male voice has long been associated with authority. Participants in the previous study said that males sounded more forceful. The baritone of the male voice is aligned in the mind with relaying information.

People were more willing to purchase a car or computer from a male voice than a female. These association might exist because society has evolved with men and women in specific roles. 

How to Choose the Right Actor

To choose the right voice actor for your project, consider your brand needs. What emotions do you want to evoke with your overall brand? Make a list of them if you haven't yet.

The actor won't matter if the emotion and character they present is off-brand.

Keep your audience in mind. Age, gender, geography, and likes plays a role in how your target customer receives your information. Choose someone they can relate too and easily identify. Remember, also, the regions where people grow up affects how they perceive sounds and voices. 

Consider your subject matter. A woman's voice might be best for explainer videos while a man's voice may be best for sales. However, your audience will be far more receptive to a female voice selling woman-centered products.

Male Vs Female Voice: Why Does It Matter?

The choice between a male vs female voice artist is important because the human brain has adapted to it in different ways. Consider the tone you hope to portray in your project.

A female voice might be best if you want to sound nurturing in your advertisement. A male voice may be the way to go if you want to be more direct.

Whichever you choose, begin with the end in mind.

How do you feel with male vs. female audio? Check out this list of voice-actor samples to get started.

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