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How to Pick the Right Sound for Your Voice Over Artists

Monday, May 27, 2019

Your business's voice is one of its most recognizable features. That's why it's important to have the right person doing the talking for you. 

Just think about some of the top brands and how they have used distinguished voices to stay in your memory. Who can forget the voices of Tony the Tiger, The Tootsie Roll Owl, and even Apple's Siri? 

Other companies use celebrities as their voice talent with success. Valerie Smaldone, a well-known American radio personality, has done voiceover work for a variety of companies from Victoria Secret to Tidy Cat Litter. 

The point is, the right voice artists for the right brand messages can make a big impact. But how do you choose the right one? Here are some pointers when you're choosing voiceovers... 

Consider Your Audience

If you're selling to kids, you probably want a voice that's light, cheery and fun. If you want to sell life insurance, then that same tone probably won't resonate as well with the audience. 

The target age of the audience and the seriousness of the topic should be matched by the professional voice actor. If you're selling to seniors, then consider that many have a hearing condition called presbycusis. This problem prevents them from hearing higher-frequency sounds. Be aware of that when choosing voiceover services. 

Also, will your voice be male or female? Female voices have been said to be believable and trustworthy. But that doesn't automatically make them better than male voices for your purposes. 

Consider Your Product or Service

When selling cosmetics or something that is traditionally consumed by women, will a deep and serious male tone connect with this demographic? Not likely. 

At the same time, will a soft female voice sell a heavy-duty pickup truck to a male? Maybe. But if that were the case, you'd probably hear more truck commercials voiced by women. 

What if you're looking for a voice to narrate your e-book or an e-learning course? The right voice can put emphasis on the main points, so your brain will retain them better. They will also hold your interest so you don't fall asleep halfway through. 

Also, are you trying to tug on the heartstrings to appeal to an audience? Then you need someone who can get that emotion down right in the voiceover. 

Choose Hard or Soft Selling

A hard sell will go right after a consumer, giving them lots of information and telling them why they should buy a product or service. 

Meanwhile, the soft sell is a more laid-back, conversational tone that entices the viewer. 

Both of these techniques can be useful, depending on your goal. Are you looking to create urgency, or are you trying to get someone to remember your business down the road when they buy something? 

Finding The Right Voice Artists

When searching for a professional voice actor, then it helps if you're able to hear a sample first to determine if it matches with your target audience and brand. Also, consider the previous experience of that voice actor.

We have a wide variety of talented voice artists that can fit your needs. To find out more, contact us today

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