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How Much Does a Voice Over Impact Your Video?

Monday, June 3, 2019

Are you making a brand video or commercial for your business? Wondering whether or not voice over is something you should incorporate into it?

Well, while voice over may be suitable for every type of video, it can greatly enhance many kinds of videos in ways other forms of storytelling cannot.

What Is Voice Over?

In its most basic form, voice over is a recording of someone speaking over visuals. People often use voice over to narrate a story or to comment or clarify things that are occurring within it. Voice over has been used for a variety of video types, from the narration in “Fight Club” to the explainer videos you may have seen in a science class growing up.

The Impact of Voice Over in Video

Curious if your video should include voice over? Or why you’d even use it in the first place? Here are some ways how voice over can help you craft a high-quality video.

Voice Over Captures Your Attention

Voice overs capture a level of attention that visuals alone cannot do. With a powerful and authoritative voice, you can command your viewers to listen and fully pay attention to your video. With a childish or funny voice, you can make your employees or viewers engaged and eager to listen along.

It’s important to know, however, that the quality of the voice over artist, can greatly impact how emphatic and evocative a voice over is. If the voice over for the video is monotone or shaky, viewers will quickly lose interest. That’s why it’s best to pick a professional voice over artist with experience who can speak in a way that will resonate with your viewers.

Voice Over Helps You Build Loyalty

Viewers don’t connect with visuals, they connect with people.

A great voice over helps your brand emotionally connect with your audience, especially if you’re using a famous voice or someone who sounds soothing or friendly. This helps you build credibility with your audience and speak to them in a direct and individual way.

Voice Over Allows for Emotions

Like the quote says, “people won't remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.” Voice over adds a level of emotional support to a story that cannot exist with just visuals. They let you communicate feelings like earnestness, grief, or excitement, or whatever you want your viewers to be experiencing at the moment.

By communicating information in a way that’s emotionally resonant, you can help your viewers more easily remember it. That’s incredibly important for your business, whether you’re communicating important employee materials or sharing your brand story in a commercial.

Voice Over is an Effective Call to Action

When it comes to standard videos, it can be hard for viewers to understand what they should be getting out of it. Voice over, however, can lay out your call to action in clear and convincing ways. You can simply spell out what the takeaways should be and use the emotional pull and narrative appeal to make them more interested in following through.

Ready to Take Your Videos to the Next Level?

When it comes to video, visuals alone will never cut it. That's why you need a high-quality voice over. Voice over can add the energy, authority, and emotion you need to make a memorable video that will stay with viewers long after they've watched.

Want voice over for your video but not sure where to start? Browse our voice over talent to find the right fit for your video!

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