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How to Write a Captivating Commercial Script

Monday, November 4, 2019

The first commercial promoting your product has come out. You thought it was catchy but your target audience? Not so much. 

It didn't catch on with them so you weren't able to sell enough of your product to make up for what you spent on the ad. What did you do wrong? 

Writing a commercial script that reels in an audience can be tricky. You've got to be able to catch their attention from the beginning or you'll lose them. Lucky for you, we're full of great writing tips.

Check out this quick guide so you can get it right with your next big product ad. 

1. What Are Your Goals?

Before you start writing the outline to your script it helps to know what your goals are. If you don't take the time to write these down then you may end up straying from your message a bit in the final product. 

Ask yourself what story you want to tell in your commercial and why, what demographic of people will be watching this ad, and what should people be taking away from your video? Once you've figured this out you can move on to your outline.

2. Create Your Outline

The problem with outlines is that they are often used as a crutch in the final product. Meaning, when people write the script, they rewrite the outline with a little extra fluff. This may cause your message to come across as unnatural and robotic no matter how good your actors are. 

To avoid this, make sure that your outline has as much of a narrator arc as an outline will allow. There are ways to do this without going ahead and writing the script on accident.  

3. Create the Story 

Now you're on to the fun part. Writing the story. Grab your outline and a pencil and keep the following things in mind. 

Reel them in from the Beginning

You want to get your audience interested as soon as the commercial starts. You can do this by starting with an emotional hook that they can relate to. Open up with a story or a powerful statistic. 

Stay on a Single Focus

This is the big reason why you have to write an outline before you start on the script. It helps you stay on a single focus. If you jump around a lot then your audience will get confused and bored. 

Pick a story or an angle and stick to it throughout the entire commercial. 

Give Context 

Giving context is important if you provide a statistic or quote. You don't want to simply throw one out there. Have some sort of data to back it up. 

How to Write the Perfect Commercial Script

Was your last commercial script a market failure? Don't worry, it happens. All you've got to do is pick yourself up and do better next time. 

Use these writing tips to create a script that will connect with your audience and keep their attention on your product. 

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