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How to Find and Hire the Right Voice Artist for Your Marketing Campaign

Monday, December 2, 2019

We all know someone who can perfect Bugs Bunny’s “what’s up, Doc?” but it makes you wonder about the actor who made that line so prolific. 

And how you can find a voice over artist that will do your company justice. Not sure how? Here’s a list of voice over tips to help you.

But First.....

What is a voice over artist? 

Voice over artists provides the voice for animated films, TV shows, and even for characters in video games. They may also be asked to sing although it’s common for a second voice actor to cover them if they’re not qualified. 

How to Find the Perfect Voice Over Artist

As you hunt for your dream artist voice, consider these tips. 

1. Consider Your Brand

You must find an actor whose voice over aligns with your brand and connects with your target audience.  There are so many routes you can take, for example, will they be:

  • Authoritative or friendly?
  • Young or mature?
  • Male or female?

To help you decide, list the emotions that best represent your brand. 

You may want a high-energy voice to build excitement and encourage consumers to buy your product instantly. Or, if you’re reaching a younger demographic, you may want a conversational girl-next-door voice to make your brand seem approachable. 

2. What Medium Is It For?

One of the top voiceover tips to know what you need the voice for. You may need a voice over actor for explainer videos, on-hold messaging, or even for a radio commercial.

For example, if they’re playing a role in a commercial then they will need great acting skills compared to a training video, which is more conversational. 

It’s important to ask for samples of similar type work as many voice over artists will only have one or two specialties. 

3. Ask for Recommendations

Out of the many top tips for voice over artist recruiting, contact a voice talent agency. 
They will have a collection of professional voice over artists who are reliable and with the relevant experience.

It's essential the voice over artist has samples similar to your vision so you know they're capable.

4. Test with Your Target Audience 

You may have fallen in love with one voice over the artist’s sample but will your target demographic?

The amount of demographic testing will depend on the reach of your video. For example, if your video is for an ongoing, national campaign then you will want rigorous testing to ensure you’re conveying the right message.

Now You Know the Voice Over Tips

Once you’ve considered the voice over tips and your target audience, there’s a better chance of finding the perfect voice over artist. Remember that they will be the voice of your brand, so it’s crucial that they convey the right message and work well over a variety of mediums. Good luck!

If you're looking for a voice over artist for your next project, we'd love to chat. Contact us here for any inquiries.

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