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What Makes a Great Radio Ad? The Top 4 Elements of Captivating Radio Ads

Monday, December 16, 2019

Seconds. The time it takes to immediately capture someone's attention.

When the music stops and a station cuts to commercial, most people tune out. Many flip between stations. Others make a quick phone call.

The bottom-line - people stop paying attention.

Radio advertising spots are still extremely effective. A recent study found that advertisers were experiencing a $12 sales boost per $1 spent on radio ads. That's a pretty darn good return on their investment!

However, not all successful ad spots are created equally.

When using radio for your advertisement medium, you've got to remember a few important things. 

Now Hear This

Radio ads have been around for decades.

The first radio ad was run in 1922 by Bell Telephone Company. Radios were the new it electronic device and were showing up in homes across the world.

The big issue, though, was how to make money. Radio stations had to pay for air time and they had to pay for employees. These financial needs led to the first telephone radio ads run by Bell.

Here are the top four elements of captivating radio ads from both then and now.

A Quality Hook

Get. Their. Attention.

That is the main goal when writing radio commercials. Whether you pay for a 15, 30, 45, or 60-second spot - you've got to snag your audience's attention in the first few seconds.

A Quality Script

Any type of advertisement is like a little stage show.

The goal is to entice listeners to hear more. You want them to know what it is you're selling before they change the station. This task will require some quality script writing and some great acting.

Scripts for the best radio ads are the ones that know their ideal demographic. Write a script based on who will buy your product. If you're selling to young adults, don't start with a remember the days-type vibe.

A Quality Tone

Watch your tone!

We've all heard that phrase and understand its meaning. Tone matters. It changes everything.

Setting a strong tone is what separates good radio commercials from the best radio commercials. If you're selling funeral services, avoid a comical approach. If you're selling cars, highlight the best deals with a fun, engaging, and energetic tone.

A Quality Voice Talent

The most crucial part of any quality radio ad will always be the voice talent.

Radio commercials don't have visuals. They depend solely on someone's voice. This means you need to choose wisely.

Choosing a professional voice-over talent is always a great idea. You're paying good money for your radio ads. You want to make sure that you have trained talent to produce the perfect tone of your ad. This will save you time and money in the long run.

Radio Ads are Hear to Stay

Over 90 years of radio commercials have proven one thing.

They are effective.

Radio ads took the airwaves by storm in the 20's. They have evolved, grown, and flourished for close to a century.

Ready to get your ads some airtime?

Check out some of these amazing voice talents that can set the perfect tone and help sell your product or service.

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