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3 Major Ways Voice Actors Are Making A Big Impact On Advertising

Monday, January 6, 2020

We all know these people in our lives. No matter what they say, we can’t resist the sound of their voice. They could be a friend, a neighbor, a teacher, a family member, or a celebrity we idolize.

Some voices are compelling and hook in every listener — making voice-overs an effective advertising tool.

The voice-over industry is worth $4.4 billion.

Humans are social creatures. We enjoy communication and language. If you’re looking for ways to strengthen your advertising campaign, ads with a voice-over will attract a larger audience, helping you increase conversion rates.

Here are 3 ways voice actors are making a big impact on the advertising realm.

1. There Are More Opportunities to Use Voice-Overs

Before the internet, most businesses used voice-overs on their TV commercials or radio ads. But the digital landscape offers more opportunities to collaborate with voice over actors.

Most of the major social media platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, offer advertising campaigns. Create video ads on these platforms and use a voice actor to read your script.

TV commercials and radio ads are also popular. Today, you can create commercials for streaming platforms. Create video commercials for Hulu and audio ads for Spotify.

Is there a voice actor you follow on YouTube? Create an affiliate marketing strategy for them. Send them a script with your product information and ask them to promote your product before their videos.

2. Voice Actors Make Technology More Human

We’re surrounded by digital products. We’re reliant on our phones, we work on our computers, we engage with customer service robots, and we’re even digitalizing our homes.

While technology offers many benefits, sometimes we just want to connect with other humans.

This is where voice actors come in.

A voice actor better communicates your brand, your message, and your products. This helps your audience make a deeper connection to your brand, increasing conversion rates.

3. Voice Overs Help You Sell Products

Does your business aim to generate sells using hard or soft sales tactics? The method you want depends on the way your voice actor will command their voice.

Hard sales desire forceful delivery.

The voice actor is enthusiastic, providing the listener with lots of information. The voice will hold a lot of energy to attract an audience. You’ll see this type of voice-over in car sales and other high-pressure sales commercials.

Soft sales are more conversational and focus on the audience more than the sale. The commercial aims to identify with the audience and sparks their interest. The voice actor will speak in a more relaxed tone while still enticing the audience.

You’ll see these types of voice-overs in luxury products such as perfume, fashion, cosmetics, and jewelry.

Voice Actors Are Making a Big Impact

How do you improve your advertising campaign? Hire a voice actor to read your script. Voice actors are making a big impact on the advertising industry. Use a voice actor today and witness your advertising campaign grow.

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