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How to Write an Effective Call Center Script: A Quick Guide

Monday, March 23, 2020

If you run a call center, you know how important it is to have a great call center script. 

It is with a great script that one can land a sale or give the customer the stellar support that they are experiencing.

However, this can only happen if your call center script is effective. If you follow this quick guide to create an effective call center script, you are sure to see success at your call center.

How to Write an Effective Call Center Script

This short guide will show you how to prepare an effective call center script. If you follow these simple steps, you will see the results pay off in no time!


The opening of the script should start with a “thank you for calling (the company)” — ensuring that the company name is expressed clearly. 

The most common follow-up is an introduction of the call center agent and a “how may I help you today?” sentence.

After this short opening, the call center agent should allow the caller to have a few minutes to respond with their question. Make sure that there are no interruptions so that the caller can fully express their needs.

Note: You may also want a pre-recorded ‘ad’ that introduces your business. This is especially useful if there are multiple support departments within your call center.


The bulk of the conversation will be improvised. It will be the interaction between the call center agent and the caller. 

There is obviously not a set script for this but there are guidelines to adhere to:

  • Conciseness: Make sure that the agent does not drag on in their explanations — get to the point
  • Patience: Do not rush the customer, do not interrupt by saying “will that be all?”
  • Respect: You should address them by a formal salutation, or by their name if appropriate

Practice makes perfect. Your call center agent should do a few trials to see how they respond with customers. Make sure they are following the rules above before letting them begin interacting with actual customers.


These are the basic response rules to your customers:

  • Complaints: Do apologize and ask how the company can improve
  • Validation: Agree with the customer when they say they have a problem and then work toward a solution
  • Authentic: Do not irk them by using meaningless phrases like “we appreciate you being a loyal customer…"


Finally, once the issues have been resolved, thank the customer for the call. Then, confirm with them if there are not any further questions.

If not, thank them once again for their service. Give your name again and if possible your extension so they can reach out to you directly — which they will want to do if they were satisfied.

Pick Up The Phone

Now that you know about how to prepare an effective call center script, you are ready to pick up those phones!

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