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The Esurance Voice Guy: All About John Krasinski's Epic Voice-Over

Monday, April 13, 2020
If you have seen the Esurance Ads for the last few years, you would have heard the funny voiceover from John Krasinski. This voiceover has become known as the Esurance voice and has become a phenomenon of its own.
John Krasinski is a great actor and has become famous over the past few years. 
Here is the fascinating story about this actor and his famous voice.

The Story Behind the Esurance Voice

Back in 2011, Esurance decided to launch a marketing campaign to advertise their insurance services. This would start with a series of ads that would not only advertise Esurance's services - "Insurance for the modern world," - but also entertain the audience.
In order for these ads to succeed, they had to find the right voice...

John Krasinski

John Krasinski was born in October 1979 in Massachusetts, USA. His acting talents show in his extensive filmography. With his breakthrough acting role as Jim Halpert in the American version of The Office, he has become a modern-day comedy icon.
Celebrity voices have always been used for some of the most popular commercials. John Krasinski's distinct voice has always been one of the defining features of his talent as an actor.
It is this distinct voice that caused Esurance to give him a call. The ads have been a huge success and have catapulted John Krasinski to even greater fame. He is an amazing actor whose work - and whose voice - you should be following.

Fun Facts

What are some fun facts about John Krasinski? Here are some fantastic things you did not know about this great actor.

Captain America

John Krasinski was one of the first choices for the central character in the Captain America franchise. The role ultimately was given to Chris Evans, but John was seen as a great choice for the superhero. 
He ultimately chose not to be considered even though he was a favorite choice. This shows he can do more than comedy!

Late Night...

In 2005, John Krasinski made one of his first interview appearances on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. However, this was not the first time they had met.
John Krasinski had worked as an intern on the show early in his career. The interview showed what a long way he had come.

The Voiceover

And it didn't take long for John Krasinski to become a household name. While he had his ups with The Office and downs with being dismissed (of his own volition) as a candidate for Captain America, he was an actor in demand.
Esurance, a subsidiary of Allstate, wanted to differentiate their new Insurance for the modern world ads from other insurance ads. They wanted something with humor that would appeal to the everyday American. No one could do better than John Krasinski.
John Swigart, Esurance's Chief Marketing Officer, had expressed that the company deliberately wanted a voice that would differentiate them from the other plain and dry insurance ads. And they could not have made a better choice. Nine years later, John Krasinski remains the voice of the great Esurance ads.

It's in the Voice

Now that you know the story behind the Esurance voice, it is time to start your own voiceover journey!
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