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How to Become a Voice Artist in 5 Simple Steps

Monday, July 13, 2020

While the freelance economy continues to grow, so does the number of freelance voice artists. 

Voice artists are needed everywhere for their ability to work in advertising, marketing, and other fields of work. 

If you want to learn how to break into this demanding field, you need first to figure out where to start and how to become a voice artist. 

Here are five simple steps to learning how to become a voice artist. 

1. Figure Out What Kind of Voice Artist You Want to Be

As with anything, it's better if you specialize. As a voice artist, you want to figure out what area you want to specialize in. 

You can work in advertising and marketing, doing ads and commercials. You can also work in fields like business, audio recording, and more. 

You can also do voice-overs for films, video games, podcasts, training, and more. There are endless niches to pick from as a voice artist. But you must select from a couple so you can specialize in them. 

If you want some training on how to do voice training practices, check out this article

2. Understand the Technical Part

If you want to become a voice artist, you should become familiar with the technical part of what goes into a recording. 

For instance, you should be familiar with different types of microphones, headsets, pop filters, and more. 

The more you become familiar with the equipment, the more you can use it yourself and create a portfolio of your own recordings. 

3. Figure Out Where to Learn Voice Acting Skills

With anything, you need to have some sort of training to become a voice artist

You should consider taking acting classes at a community college or an improv class. You can get some experience by volunteering to read at school or at a senior center. 

You should learn how to master voice inflection other strategies on how to control your voice that can help you when you become a voice artist. 

4. Market Yourself

If you want to become a voice artist and find a job as a voice artist, you need to learn to market yourself. 

You should consider putting together a website and a portfolio of your work. It's better to have something than nothing prepared for potential clients. 

5. Hire a Coach

Lastly, you should consider hiring a professional voice over coach. They can provide insight into your work and give you critical feedback. 

In addition, since they know a lot about voice acting, they can give you concrete on how to improve your work. 

Now You Know How to Become a Voice Artist

That's everything you need to know about how to become a voice artist. While you may think it's an easy process, you need to remember to put in the work. 

The better you market yourself and devote yourself to your craft, the better your chances are of landing a job. 

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