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5 Things to Consider When Hiring Voice Talent

Monday, September 7, 2020

The voice-over talent market is bigger than ever. In 2017, Backstage reported a “900 percent increase in the number of voice-overs required to be voiced over the last three years.”

And in line with the gig-economy boom, instead of heading into the studio to record, more and more actors are setting up booths at home.

This is good news for companies looking to add voice-overs to radio commercials and auto operators.

Online voice-over talent agencies like Voice Talent Now put the selection process in the hands of the customer. No more need to hire costly casting directors. And with so much competition, the rates charged by actors keep coming down.

Read on for the lowdown on how to make this buyer’s market in the voice-overs industry work to your advantage.

Match the Voice Talent to Your Brand’s Personality

Every brand has a unique personality. It’s reflected in the tone and voice of their marketing materials.

You might know what that sounds like for your brand. But could you explain it to someone else? Until you’ve nailed down your brand’s personality in writing, you’ll have trouble finding the right voice artist.

Use descriptive words like friendly or charismatic to describe your brand. Who does your brand speak to? Think about their age, income, habits, and values, and make sure your brand descriptor fits them.

Ensure your “brand sound” (the vocal and musical style of your brand) is the same across all recording projects.

Select the Right Voice Talent Agency

Hiring the best voice talent through an online provider is quick, easy, and cost-effective.

Professional voice talent agencies like Voice Talent Now have databases of voice talent that you can access. You narrow down your selection with the use of clever filtering software, place an order, and receive a recording within a matter of hours.

Good agencies will guide you through the ordering process. This helpful video on the Voice Talent Now website explains in detail how to find the best actors and place a voice-over talent order.

Style Comes Out on Top When Choosing a Voice Artist

So you’ve narrowed down your brand style and you’ve selected the voice talent agency. Next, you need to choose the right actor.

A “persona that holds authority, while remaining approachable, friendly, warm and informative” is the most popular in 2020, says Global Marketing Alliance.

Look for an actor that has:

  • A proven track record of success
  • Experience in your target market
  • A style that matches current voice talent trends and your brand’s personality
  • Quick turnaround times and reasonable rates
  • Multilingual ability (if required)

The style of a voice artist is typically included in their listing. Andy has a passionate and high-energy voice. Debra's voice is conversational and sexy. Match the actor to the descriptors you chose for your brand.

Listen to Sample Recordings

Don’t just select a voice artist from their bio or resume. Be sure to listen to any sample recordings they provide.

A voice-over sample is a voice artist’s business card. It should represent the very best they have to offer a prospective client. Does the actor sound confident? Is their voice smooth and free from stumbles?

Make Sure Your Order Information Is Concise

Take advantage of all the fields offered to you in an online order form. This is your chance to get across any instructions or brand background.

A lot of service providers offer limited chances for corrections once a recording is completed. So the more details you provide to the voice artist in the order form, the more likely you are to get back a perfect recording.

Take the Time to Get It Right

Whether you make educational content for homeschoolers or sell boutique commuter bicycles, take the time to work out your brand style, choose the right service provider and best voice talent, and create a perfect order.

It’ll all be worth it when the sales start rolling in.

So what are you waiting for? Place an order with Voice Talent Now today!

Voice Talent Now presents the easiest way to order voice overs, period. No fat. No haggle. No hassles. No waiting for an on-line auction with a cattle-call of voice talent fighting for the lowest bid. Just a lean, mean, machine for ordering voice overs with rates starting at just $49. Since 2005, Voice Talent Now has featured voice over talent that are vetted extensively and are ready-to-record. Egos need not apply. Whether it’s a radio/TV commercial, voicemail, on-hold, IVR, web audio, or other long-form narration, you send the script; we'll read it without charging you a king's ransom. That's all there is to it. Check out our whitelabel voiceovers for agencies.  

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