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5 Tips for Jump-Starting Your Career as a Voice Talent

Monday, September 14, 2020

Today's climate has made it easy for people to make necessary career changes. One change, in particular, is transitioning into the world of becoming a voice talent. 

If you're searching for a freelance opportunity that pays well by the hour, try becoming a voice talent. 

Voice talent jobs have their perks and the artists who develop in that area tend to love it. Sessions for voice artist jobs require less preparation time. You don't have to spend hours in hair and makeup before you hit the mic. 

Plus, you're not required to memorize the script beforehand because it's present at the session. This gives you more freedom to be yourself and really get into the character. 

Are you ready to start a career as a voice talent? Here's what you need to do if you want to become a voice talent in 2020.

1. Successful Voice Talent Does Research First 

Prior to stepping into a career that you're unfamiliar with, it's smart to some research first. Modern technology makes it easy to do a quick search for general statistics about voice artists.

If possible, use social media to network and build relationships with other voice artists. Find out from them the ins and outs of the business from their professional perspective. 

2. Get Prepared

Voice artists are actors. That means there're professional tools you'll need before you go out on auditions. Here are some traditional materials actors and actresses use to get jobs.

1. Professional headshots - Don't shop yourself with the same selfies you use on IG of Facebook. Spend the money and hire and a professional team—photographer, MUA, and stylist—to glam you up for photos.

2. Updated Resume

3. Professional Website - Include a demo page that highlights your qualifications. 

Do everything and anything needed to get ready for the job.

3. Audition

To jump-start a career in voice talent, you need gigs. Utilize search engines to check for opportunities in your area. 

For expert auditions, sign up with a talent agency. Talent agencies are well-respected in the entertainment industry. They are also great resources for locking down voice artist jobs.

4. Hire a Manager 

After you've successfully landed a gig or two, hire someone to manage your career. Managers and agents also have direct lines to casting directors. They help you get steady work after you've gotten your foot in the door.  

5. Market Yourself 

When people know you want to work and you're good at what you do, you get more jobs. Make your presence known.

Be socially savvy. Use Twitter, Instagram, and other electronic groups to share your work and expertise. Start a blog on your website and open it up for expert guest posts. 

Blogs bring more traffic to your site, which puts more eyes on your online portfolio. 

Do Some Voice Overs

Becoming a voice talent gives you professional financial freedom and control over your freelance vocation. Step out of the box and get over your fears of starting a new career.

Take a risk on yourself! Use these suggestions to begin a career in voice talent.

Need more help becoming a talent in this area? Read our help guide and get on your way to a professional career in voice overs. 

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