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3 Voice-Over Industry Hacks You Need to Know Now

Monday, October 12, 2020

Demand for celebrity voice-overs is on the decline, meaning more opportunities for the average joe are increasing. This is good news for both those new to the industry and voice-over veterans. 

Whether you're new to the voice-over industry or seasoned in the business, finding jobs can be daunting. So much research, networking, and planning are involved in finding that perfect gig. 

Whether you're wondering how to become a voice artist, or you're looking to enhance your existing career, look no further. We're about to give you three voice-over industry hacks that you need to know now. 

1. Voice-Over Industry Preparation

A lot of preparation goes into landing gigs in the voice-over industry. First, you need to consider voice-over industry rates. 

How much do voice-over artists make? The average voice-over artist salary is $31,400 per year. Depending on how much or how little you work, the salary will vary. Make sure this line of work can support your financial needs. 

Next, you need to do your research. Find voice-over talent social media groups to get to know the ins and outs of the job. Finding other voice artists can give you an inside perspective on the industry. 

Lastly, you need to create a name for yourself. Make a professional website complete with your headshots, resume, and even a few examples of your previous work. If you don't have any previous work, make a few samples for potential clients.

2. Utilize Resources

There are many resources out there for voice-over talent. One of the best to utilize is talent agencies. 

Talent agencies will display your work on their website for potential clients to see. This will allow you to reach a wide audience of serious pursuers. 

Another way to get your foot in the door is to hire a manager. Managers have direct contact with casting directors and other higher-ups in the industry. Having a manager will help you keep a steady workflow. Managers are also great for keeping you motivated to find work.

3. Marketing Yourself

In this day and age, it's so easy to market yourself to a large population. Utilizing social media is the best way to get your name (and voice) out there. 

Traditional social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allow you to create groups. Find a social circle of voice artists who do similar work to you and network with them. 

The more people you know in the industry, the better chance you have at finding work. If you have a lot of followers, they may share your work or give you a shout out to expose you to other groups. 

You can also tap into less traditional platforms like TikTok and Snapchat to showcase your work. This only increases the number of people who know your name. 

Lastly, create a blog on your websites. Blogs often increase your website's traffic, which can allow more people to find your website. 

Raise Your Voice

Now you have some great tips on making it in the voice-over industry. It's time to utilize those tips and start your fun-filled career.

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