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3 Types of Voice Acting Jobs

Monday, November 2, 2020

Have you been told you have a great voice?

If so, you may want to consider exploring the field of voice talent.

And given the wealth of voice-over work available, you should be able to find voice acting jobs fairly easily. You'll need to audition, of course.

But there are definitely opportunities.

So Many Voice Acting Jobs

Every time you watch an animated program, listen to a radio ad, or even hear an announcer on a museum tour, you're in the presence of voice talent.

Voice acting jobs run a wide gamut of opportunities. But for the sake of clarity, we'll break them up into three different categories here.

1. Short-Form

Short-form voice acting work can include anything from commercials to overhead radio systems, voicemail messages, casino games, toys, and electronics. It's essentially any work that requires voice-over work without a huge time commitment.

Voice overs for radio and television commercials are less about playing a character and more about getting a message across to consumers. Even so, the repeat work and guaranteed payments that come with union contracts make it among the most lucrative voice work out there.

2. Long-Form

Unlike short form, long form voice acting jobs mean you're in it for the long haul. There's wide variety of voice work that falls into this category.

Among the most popular are cartoon voice acting jobs. Whether it's a children's series, adult animation, or a feature-length film, producers are always looking for great acting voices that will bring their characters to life.

Long-form also includes reading audiobooks. While some authors choose to read their own work, many opt instead for a voice talent to give their words special meaning and context. 

Then there is the ever-increasing need for voices for GPS and virtual assistant systems. After all, Alexa and Siri had to get their start somewhere. 

The corporate world and the educational realm also have a great need for voice over work for training videos, seminars, human resource materials, and eLearning purposes. 

Additional long-form voice acting work includes documentaries, video games, museum tours, TV narration, and even vocal replacement that is used in medical applications.

3. Live Announce 

Live announce work can be anything from speaking on a public address system or at a corporate event to being a radio DJ or a sports announcer on a network. These jobs often require a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

Being a live announcer can be exciting. But you'll have very little time to rehearse and need to be able to switch gears quickly if the situation shifts or changes. If you thrive on that sort of uncertainty, live announce voice work could be for you. 

Looking to Be the Next Great Voice Talent?

There are always voice acting jobs available to those who have that special something. Why shouldn't it be you?

And if you're in the market to hire voice talent, place an order with us today. We scout out the best in voice talent to make your search that much easier. 

After all, the right voice for your brand can make ALL the difference. 

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