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Is a Career in Voice Acting for Me?

Monday, January 4, 2021

Has anyone ever told you that you have a voice for radio? If they have, maybe you're thinking of turning your talents into extra money. Maybe even a career.

So many Americans have entered the gig economy over the past year, looking for extra work. You might be one of them, but should you pursue a career in voice acting?

It's an interesting line of work with many pros and cons. Learn more about them here.

Becoming a Voice Actor

It seems so simple, right? Read a few paragraphs of copy into a microphone and move on. The truth is, voice acting careers are as challenging to pursue as any other. It can take years to develop your voice to the point where you receive premiere jobs.

Don't let that stop you if you think you have a great voice. With enough hard work and dedication, a voice actor can make a decent living. Remember, if you want to land voice acting work, you have to treat it like a full-time job to get ahead.

Start-Up Costs

Starting work as a voice actor means absorbing a lot of start-up costs. Professional voice work, even if you do it in your home, requires an investment in equipment. If you're selling your voice, you have to make it sound as good as possible.

You'll need to invest in a home studio. It doesn't have to be high tech like Jack White's, but you will have to pay money out of pocket for a quality microphone, computer, and sound-proofing. 

These investments come before you seek any work. You'll have to create a portfolio and resume to send when seeking your first job, and it needs to sound professional.

Be Your Own Boss

This can a pro or a con depending on your personality and work ethic. Some people thrive in situations where they have complete control, while others need deadlines and someone to tell them what to do.

When you begin your career in voice acting work, you'll find that many of your jobs will be contracted. This means it's up to you when you work, how much you work, and whether you continue to work at all.

Working as an actor in this field means incredible amounts of discipline to get ahead.

Know What You'll Be Doing

Once you've set up your home studio, taken professional lessons, and created a portfolio, you're now set to apply for jobs. Most people who start in this line of work begin by doing voiceovers for commercials.

In this case, your career is acting and marketing. Give yourself the time and ability to carve out a marketing niche for your voice and work for jobs in those fields.

You Can Have a Career in Voice Acting

A career in voice acting is not for the faint of heart. It requires plenty of hard work and hustle. If you have those personality traits and a captivating voice, you can find success.

Do you want to get a leg up on your voice acting career? Check out our help guide. We're always looking to foster and encourage new talent.

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