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5 Apps Every Voice-Over Actor Needs

Monday, March 1, 2021

To be a successful voiceover talent, you need to have plenty of money to spare. You'll need to buy the best quality microphones, headsets, and sound-dampening materials for your studio. 

Or do you? 

Nowadays, the expense of following your dream can be limited to the purchase of a single app. If this sounds like what you need to advance your career, here's our list of 5 apps every voiceover talent should use. 

1. Voice Tools: Pitch, Tone, & Volume

Who It's For: Beginners 

OS: Apple & Android

Why You Need It: The Voice Tools app is the perfect assistant for people who are just starting on their voice acting careers. It helps you analyze the pitch, tone, and volume of your voice with real-time analytics and high-quality playback.

Best of all, it's transgender and non-binary friendly because it measures voices on neutral pitch and tone, not gender expectations.

2. Voice Recorder & Audio Editor

Who It's For: All Voice Talent

OS: Android 

Why You Need It: The Voice Recorder & Audio Editor app does exactly what it says on the tin. The only restriction on the length of your audio clips is the amount of storage you have on your device. Its editing capabilities are pretty basic, but it automatically saves all of your recordings as shareable MP3 files.

3. TwistedWave Audio Editor

Who It's For: Professionals

OS: Apple

Why You Need It: Like the Voice Recorder & Audio Editor app, the TwistedWave Audio Editor lets voice talent record their sound clips and save them to their phones. It takes this a step further, though, by allowing users to save their files as AACs, AIFFs, FLACs, MP3s, and WAVs. TwistedWave also offers extended editing and sharing capabilities. 

4. VoiceOver

Who It's For: Everyone 

OS: Android

Why You Need It: The VoiceOver app is a great tool for voice talent at all levels. With multiple filters, background sounds, voice changers, sound cropping tools, and other features, this app has everything. It also connects to social media and email for easy sharing. 

5. ActorAudition App

Who It's For: Everyone

OS: Apple

Why You Need It: At $9.99, the ActorAudition App is the only paid app on our list. With its memo tools, vocal exercises, expert tips, recording capabilities, and audition tracking capabilities, though, we promise it's worth it.

Whether you're just starting out or you're well into your career as a voiceover talent, this is the only app you'll ever need again. 

Become a Voiceover Actor

Even with the right money-saving app, becoming a successful voiceover talent can be a hassle. Voice Talent Now is here to help with that.

If you want high-quality, professional help jumpstarting your career, we're here to help. With some of the most competitive customer prices online, we guarantee that you'll have a project under your belt in no time flat. 

Contact us today to ask about career opportunities or get your own voiceover sample. 

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