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How to Hire the Perfect Voice Over Talent

Monday, April 5, 2021

Are you looking for voice-over talent for your radio ad? You need the perfect fit to make your ad stand out, but where do you start with voice-over casting?

It's never been easier to hire voice-over talent online. You can find exactly what you need for your ad and have a finished product within 24 hours. 

Follow this guide to learn exactly how to do it so that your radio ad stands out from the crowd.  

1. Figure Out What Kind of Voice Over Talent You Need

First things first, you need to think about the logistics. What kind of voice-over talent are you looking for for your radio ad? Do you need a male or female? An older or younger voice? Do you need them to be bilingual or speak with an accent?

Figure out all of these factors beforehand so you know exactly what type of talent you need. 

2. Think About the Tone of Voice You Need

Next, figure out the tone and type of voice-over you need. A radio ad for an online therapy center would sound completely different from a radio ad for a sports drink.

Do you need your voice-over talent to sound authoritative, relatable, or energetic? Are you looking for a narrator, an announcer, or an actor who can perform parts?

You should also think about your audience. Who listens to the radio stations where your ad will run? What type of voice would resonate the most with them?

The clearer you are on your needs, the easier it will be to find the perfect voice-over talent for your radio ad.

3. Find Talent on Voice Talent Now

Now that you know exactly what kind of voice-over talent you need, it's time to hire the perfect fit for your radio ad. Voice Talent Now has a huge database of voice-over talent, and it's easy to get your project done in just a few hours. 

Start by browsing our voice talent on our website. You can listen to audio samples of them all for free before you decide who you want. Use the filters on the lefthand side to narrow down your search. 

Once you find the voice-over talent you want to hire, click select under their audio sample. If there isn't a select button under their name, that means they aren't available today.

Now that you've selected your talent, you'll be taken to the order form page where you will fill out basic info about your project and give the talent the exact text you want them to use.

You can also leave notes about how you want them to read your text. Be as clear as possible so that you can get the exact result that you need from them.

Once the order is submitted, you can expect to receive your audio clip within 24 hours. You will be sent two to three takes that you can choose from for your radio ad.

Get Started with Today

Finding the perfect voice-overs for your radio ads doesn't need to be an overwhelming process. All of our professional talents are highly skilled and trained to give you the result you want.  

Browse our voice-over talent here and get started with your radio ad today. 

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