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Can You Really Make Money as a Voice Talent?

Monday, June 14, 2021

There are few job ideas that sound better than making money with your voice. But when it comes to voice acting, many people assume it isn't a very lucrative career.

We think this is because it's fun work, and fun work simply can't equal big money, right? When it comes to becoming a voice talent, you're wrong.

There are a few factors at play, which we'll go through below. But the bottom line is that becoming a voice talent can be very lucrative if you work hard and enjoy what you do. Keep reading to find out more.

How Is Voice Talent Paid?

So to understand whether you can make money as a voice talent, let's go into how this job is paid. This is important whether you're looking to do this full time or whether you're looking to get into using your voice as a side job.

In most circumstances, voice talent jobs are paid on a per-project basis. So if you're providing your voice for an advert, or an animated film, you'll be paid a guaranteed fee for this project.

This fee will differ depending on the project itself. It can range from around $35 for a very short radio advert, to thousands of dollars for an audiobook or a larger project.

But that's just when you're starting out. If you make it big, some of the most famous, iconic voice talents can obtain hundreds of thousands of dollars for certain projects.

The price will depend usually on how long your voice will be used for and how big the market for it is.

How Much Can Voice Talent Make on Average?

So now you know how talent often gets paid, let's delve into what that means for their average annual income.

Overall, on average, a full-time voice talent in America will typically receive around $31,400 a year. Which is a very tidy sum of money, particularly as an average across the entire field.

Your salary will be slightly less if you're entry-level, but it can get significantly higher the more experience you garner.

The top 10% of voice talent can be pushing their annual earnings to $90,000 or even into six-figure territory. But to make it there you need to make sure you're working hard on perfecting your ads and other abilities each and every day.

But becoming a voice talent means you can take greater control over your own earnings. This is why it can be great to start out as a side career, whilst you're gaining experience.

Whether or not you're working with agencies can also impact the total annual sum you can expect to receive. You'll also need to be auditioning a lot in order to obtain any big roles.

Where Can I Find Out More About Becoming a Voice Talent?

So as you can see, becoming a voice talent can be a lucrative career if you work hard at gaining experience. But that can be easier said than done if you don't have the right support.

If you're looking to find out more about becoming a voice talent as a career choice, make sure to contact us directly
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