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5 Free Voice Over Sample Scripts for Honing Your Craft

Monday, July 5, 2021

As a budding voice talent, you need to set yourself apart. How can you possibly do this with such a saturated market?

A big part of that is the voice over sample scripts you choose. When you practice and record the right script, you are setting yourself up for success. You want something on brand and highlight all your talents and voices available in your toolbox.

Curious to know what to choose? Read our guide below to have you heading in the right direction.

Voice Over Demo Scripts

To showcase your skills as a voice talent, you'll be reading demo scripts. Potential clients will listen to the audio sent to see if you are a good match. The audio script you choose will help you attract more clients and demonstrate the wide skills you have.

As a voice talent, you'll come across a wide array of coaches, casting agents, and directors. This is why it is crucial to finding the right audio script to highlight what you have to offer. If you want to land a job and make money as a voice actor, your audio script is your ticket.

Voice Over Sample Scripts

You don't want to rush your voice over sample scripts. When you first get into the industry, it's better to take your time and hone your craft. You want to develop a reading skill that comes across resoundingly on your demo reel.

You can do this alone, but a coach, sound engineer, or mentor will aid you on your quest. You want to have your vocal range in mind.

Do not make the mistake of thinking this is defined by your natural voice. Think of it in terms of emotions such as friendly, angry, or serious.

You want to make sure you are staying on brand as well.

Let's look over some voice over sample scripts you can use for your next reel.

1 Commercial

Commercial scripts will only take you 10-15 seconds to perform. Advertisers want to see you use high and low energy in your vocal range and delivery. Finding a well-written practice script will bode well for your success as a voice talent.

2 Animation

Animation is all about character voices. Your audio script should exemplify the various emotions, accents, pitches, and themes.

3 Documentary

Think of your favorite documentaries. Can you see yourself as a voice actor for this type of work? You want to record a practice script in areas of science, history, or biography.

4 eLearning

As we move towards an online world, eLearning has taken off as a viable option. If you go down this route, you'll want to be engaging and informative. When you land this job, you can expect to do works for educational games, audio lectures, and explainer videos.

5 Audiobooks

As an audiobook voice actor, you'll want to find royalty-free novels. What would you read at your leisure? When you focus on what you like already, your voice will shine through your work.

You want to be able to switch between different characters in a concise, conversational style as well.

Practice Makes Perfect

We hope you learned something new in our voice over guide. See what voice over sample scripts fit your genuine style.

As you practice as a voice talent, you'll refine your craft into perfection. As you get more exposure to the industry, you'll level up your skills. Study up on these tips to become a successful voice talent today!

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