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Characters You Didn't Realize Had the Same Voice Actor

Monday, August 9, 2021

When we think of voice acting, we think of history's most beloved performances. An example of this is Walt Disney in his 1928 film, Steamboat Willie. But, did you know that the very first voice over was recorded in 1906?

Canadian inventor Reginald Fessenden created the first voice over on Christmas Eve. He transmitted holiday music, messages, and Bible scriptures to ships at sea.

This performance pioneered the field of voice acting and paved the way for voice actors today.

In this article, we discuss six pairs of cartoon and movie characters that are widely unknown to be played by the same voice actor!

1. Peter Cullen Voices Eeyore and Optimus Prime

It's true: Winnie the Pooh's somber donkey and the Transformers franchise's chief Autobot are voiced by the same person!

What makes Cullen's performances especially impressive is how he brings integrity and conviction to each role. His versatility as a voice talent makes him one of the best voice actors of today.

2. Tara Strong Voices Timmy Turner and Twilight Sparkle

The witty, self-absorbed, and arrogant Fairly OddParents protagonist is brought to life by Tara Strong.

She also brings a friendly, scholarly, and rational character to the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series as Twilight Sparkle.

3. Tom Kenny Voices SpongeBob and The Ice King

What started as a passion project for Stephen Hillenburg turned into a 13 billion dollar franchise, with the help of voice actor Tom Kenny.

Later, Kenny assumed the role of the lonely Ice King in Cartoon Network's Adventure Time

These roles have amassed Kenny a whopping net worth of more than $16 million!

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4. Lea Salonga Voices Mulan and Jasmine

Mulan and Jasmine have a lot in common: animal sidekicks, selfless personalities, and even the same voice actor!

That's right! The singing voices of two of Disney's most beloved princesses are the work of the talented Lea Salonga. 

5. James Earl Jones Voices Mufasa and Darth Vader

It is rare for a voice actor to feature in one global phenomenon, let alone two. 

Jones gives life to Disney's ill-fated king of the savanna, Mufasa, as well as Star Wars' heroic Jedi-turned super-villain, Darth Vader. 

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6. Kristen Bell Voices Anna and Gossip Girl

Everyone loves Frozen, Disney's most popular movie that has won the heart of billions.

But did you know that Elsa's kind, quirky, and awkward younger sister is played by the same woman who voices the Upper East Side's ruthless mystery blogger?

It's true! Kristen Bell is the famous voice actor behind these two notorious female film characters. 

Consider the Advantages of A Voice Actor

So, why is it surprising that these characters are voiced by the same actors?Each role is unique, convincing, and powerful enough to immerse the viewer without reminding them of other characters who share the same voice.

Now that's talent!

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