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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Voiceover Professionals

Monday, September 6, 2021

Every day, the average person in the United States is confronted with between 4,000 and 10,000 advertisements. The need for companies to stand out is greater than ever and giving a voice to your brand is the way to make your ad louder than the others!

Voice overs can dramatically change the tone and popularity of your ad, but only if done professionally. Continue reading to learn about what is voiceover and why you should hire voiceover talent!

1. Create a Consistent Voice

Voiceover work is more than someone reading a script aloud, it's a skill that voiceover actors develop to help brands like yours. Voice talent will provide a regular voice for your brand and increase your recognizability.

While voice talents like Morgan Freeman or Tara Strong may not be available, there are many more quality options out there. The more you use the same voiceover actor, the more it will be associated with your company leading to more business!

2. Your Message Will Be Clear

A print or text ad relies on capitalization, font type, text size, and the reader's imagination for how the message is translated. Voiceovers eliminate the risk of misinterpretation by allowing the ad to be read exactly as intended. Voice talent will modulate their voice and words to match the tone, intention, and message of the ad.

3. Customers Will Be More Engaged

Since human attention spans are decreasing and are estimated to last eight seconds, your project needs to be engaging right away.

If the voice in your ad doesn't have the right energy or isn't attention-grabbing, then your audience might not stay till the end. Using professional voice talent for your ad will increase retention and let the content generate customers.

4. Quality Content

If you don't have the budget for a professional voiceover, it is understandable to want to use your own voice. However, this reduces the quality of your ad while a long-term investment of hiring a professional can yield great returns.

Going through a professional voiceover agency will guarantee proper formatting and equipment usage. Additionally, the talent will handle the ad professionally and work with you until it fits your standards!

5. Increased Credibility and Popularity

Another benefit of hiring voiceover professionals is the credibility and popularity you gain. Your business will not only appear more professional but customers would be more interested in future ads.

Think of how many times you hummed along with The General or J.G. Wentworth commercials, the ad voice is a brand itself. Using voiceover talent can make your audience form a casual relationship with your brand and lead to more loyalty!

Hire Voiceover Talent Today!

Whether you need it today or have a longer project, Voice Talent Now can help you hire voiceover talent that's right for your brand. If you need a clear female voice or a smooth male voice for your ad, you won't be disappointed in our results! Order your voiceover today or contact us to get started!

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