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David Attenborough: Nature's Voice Talent

Monday, October 4, 2021

Did you know that this year, David Attenborough will be 95 years old?

This is the man that has soothed us with his voice for probably our entire lifetimes; he is ever-present in nature documentaries and for good reason.

In terms of being a voice talent for nature documentaries, he is truly peerless. His voice is calming, soothing, and packed with dynamism, wisdom, and warmth.

Read on to find out more about the voice of the planet, David Attenborough.

Voice Talent

Many will know David Attenborough for the famous Planet Earth series. He has produced countless programs with the BBC as well and is famous around the world.

He has been making nature documentaries from the 1950s until now. That is a lot of expertise that almost no one can match.

No nature documentary is the same without hearing Attenborough's lulling British accent. It makes for the ultimate easy listening.

Many Redditors agree that when they watch nature shows that do not feature Attenborough, they think about how the show could be improved if only he was narrating it.

That's the difference a good voice talent makes.

British Indiana Jones

A good voice actor is highly dedicated to his craft. He has been described as a "British" Indiana Jones for the way he would hack through brush and jungle with a machete.

No, he wasn't ensconced in a cozy studio while he was narrating. He was actually out in the wild and even once discovered an indigenous tribe.

When he could, he was always on location with the rest of the filming crew, not only narrating but also writing. He has macheted through the mountainous jungle for weeks just to find something.

Being out in nature lends him empathy to his voice acting, which makes it all the more alluring and relatable. He is able to inject a sense of calm wonder into his voice. He is truly one of a kind and has had a long and illustrious career to prove it.

ASMR Nature Narrator

His voice has also been described as the gold standard for introducing ASMR reactions in listeners.

His voice is soft, raspy, grandfatherly. There's that smooth British accent. Additionally, though, it is regal, authoritative, and gentle.

It is filled with the wonder of nature and the quality of his voice itself can turn previous non-fans into fans of nature shows.

When one listens to his voice, you can't help but feel very comforted, and if you grew up listening to it you may feel a powerful sense of hominess or nostalgia.

The fact that it is laid over the tracks of nature in the background gives it an omniscient, objective quality that is soothing to hear. Nature is oftentimes violent and random, but with Attenborough calmly and objectively narrating what is happening, you cannot help but be engrossed.

Voice of the Planet

Sir David Attenborough is the voice of the planet, that is for sure. His long and prolific career has cemented him as the gold standard voice talent for nature documentaries.

He has lived a long life and left a great legacy.

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