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Vocal Training as a Voice Talent

Monday, October 11, 2021

Audio-only content is far from dead, skyrocketing nearly 1,000% in the last few decades. You know voice talent is in demand, so how can you up your skills, stand out from the crowd, and earn money with your voice?

There's more to building your new voice over career than having a great voice. There's discipline, training, and even some marketing skills that you need to develop.

If you want to find success in this field and achieve your voice over work dreams, we've got the guide to help you give clients and advertisers what they're looking for. Don't neglect your vocal training -- follow these steps to get the best jobs in the business.

Read the Right Way

Becoming a top-earning vocal talent starts without even uttering a word. You'll need to know how the read the right way.

You'll be given plenty of scripts to interpret. Sometimes you'll have to work with scripts that have had last minute changes and you'll have to learn how to roll with the punches.

Practice reading different things out loud, from short ads to longer dramatic scripts or even your favorite book. You'll get a feel for how things should flow and proper pronunciation.

Warm Up and Cool Down

Warming up and cooling down is important for athletes, artists, and more. Doing the same as a voice talent is key to increasing your skills and bettering your craft.

Don't start a session without doing a few vocal exercises to limber up your instrument. After work, take care of your voice by drinking hot tea with honey and resting it as needed.

Exercises for your Mouth

Doing voice over work is challenging physically. You need to be able to articulate clearly even if you've read a script several times and know how to control your breath.

Practice strengthening your jaw and tongue with a few simple exercises. Relax your jaw and point your tongue in different directions five times a day to work these important muscles.

Breath and the Body

Vocal work is a full-body experience. Don't neglect your posture and your breath when developing your voice skills.

Practice breathing during punctuation in the text. It naturally divides up the sentences and helps you stay on pace; use it to keep your breath even.

Don't forget to align your spine and practice great posture. By sitting up, you allow your breath can travel through your body allowing for a better, clearer sound when you speak.

Developing Your Vocal Training

Our vocal training tips and trips are sure to help you get noticed in the field of vocal over work. Remember, you have to work on these skills every day, just like a professional body builder lifts weights or an artist fills up their sketch books.

Treat your career seriously and you will reap the rewards. You'll bring in more business and start to make a name for yourself in the industry.

Have more questions about voice work or curious to learn more about what advertisers are looking for? Contact us today to find out more about this exciting field. 
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