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How to Hire Freelance Voice Over Talent: A Guide

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Hiring freelance voice over talent is easier than hiring actors for live-action projects, right? With live-action projects, every visual aspect is important which means that finding voice talent is a cakewalk, nothing to worry about. This ideal is actually very wrong.

Trying to find voice talent is a complicated task. While the visual aspect doesn't matter, your talent must be able to convey all of their emotions through their tone and diction. This is one of the reasons you may need a little extra help with navigating how to find the right fit for your project.

Before you cast your next production, here are several tips for finding freelance voice over talent. Stick with along and figure out how to find that actor that captures the right sort of emotion and depth for your open role.

Make Your Script Accessible 

Be sure that when you're putting together voice talent work you have a script that is expressive. Putting in notes for your actor or actress will help them to know the emotions that you're going for. It's helpful for them to get an idea of what you’re trying to convey.

These actions help you and your project find the best possible actor. Dictation will give room for your talent to figure out not only their voice but also what you’re expecting. Make sure to put a reasonable amount of detail into your script.

Freelancers Are Your Friend

Voice over acting is a skill that in many cases requires a freelancer. Finding freelance voice over talent is as easy as looking through audition recordings and finding the voice that suits your project best. There are hundreds of actors and actresses willing to give their voices and grow their resumes. 

Look into your prospective actor's resumes and see what they have a history in. Many will include projects that help you to get a better feel for what they've done in the past. Be sure to keep in mind that actors can have experience in more than just one genre of voice acting.

Feedback Helps on Both Ends

One thing can be said about voice actors and that is that they too learn as they go. When you're looking for voice talent work one of the most important things you can do for your actors is to communicate. This allows you to feel comfortable enough to tell your actor what you're looking for. 

It isn't only single-ended that feedback is needed. By communicating with your freelancer you help them improve their service while they help you to find a person who fits your production. Learn with your actor and get the best fit possible for your projects. 

Freelance Voice Over Actors Are Talented

There's no question about the fact that freelance voice over actors have talent. The question is can you find the one that best fits your production? After all, they must fit the sound that you have in mind for your project. 

Looking for more advice when it comes to your next project? We can help you with all of your voice over needs. Contact us when you're ready. 

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