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Voice Over Rates: How Much Should You Pay?

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Advertising. It can be tougher than it looks, especially when you consider the fact that humans have a shorter attention span than goldfish

Realistically, you only have eight seconds to get somebody's attention, so you have to make that limited time count. So, you need somebody that has the ability to captivate your audience immediately to promote your product. 

That is where voice over talent comes in. The man or woman with the right voice can help people listen to the message you are trying to get across about your product. 

But, what are common voice over rates for these talented people? This is your voice over rate guide. 

Average Voice Over Rates

The average pay in the United States for voice over talent is about $69,000 per year. This is just the average so the annual rates can be as low as $11,000 per year and as high as $198,000 per year. 

aWhen it comes to the average per hour, the national average is $33 per hour. On the lower end, voice over talent may get as little as $5 per hour when all is said and done, and on the higher end, the voice over rate can be as much as $95 per hour. 

Job Length and Experience

These are two of the most important factors that come into play when trying to determine how much you will have to pay voice over talent.

Does the talent have a lot of notable experience? Are they impressive on the past work that you have soon? Have they worked for notable clients in the past? 

By the questions above, it is clear that you would have to pay for someone who has done voice over work successfully for a large national company more than someone who may have done a small gig for a small business that was not heard by as many people. 

Then, there is the job itself. How many hours are you going to need the talent to come in for? How long is your script? Is your business local or national? 

These can all affect how much you would have to pay talent, because you have to pay them for their time, and a national job means more exposure, so likely more money as well. 

Job Need

Finally, the pay you might have to give voice over talent could depend on who you actually need for the job because in some cases, it may call for someone more experienced

Some companies may be looking for a younger and more energetic voice, others may be looking for someone more inviting. If someone fits the description you are looking for perfectly, they may require more money to lock them down. 

Then, some jobs specifically require male or female voice over talent, so if that is the case, then you have less selection to choose from right off the bat. 

See More Voice Over Rates

These are just a few of the things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to voice over rates. But, the only way you will truly know if someone is worth the money is if you hear them read your script. 

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