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Ted Williams: All About the Man With the Golden Voice

Monday, December 6, 2021

Who is The Man with the Golden Voice? You probably already know Ted Williams, even if you aren't familiar with his inspirational story.

Williams is a prominent voice-over artist for radio stations, sports teams, TV commercials, and media outlets. Once you hear his rich vocalization and perfectly honed modulation, you'll understand why his voice is golden.

Read to learn more about William's moving journey from rock bottom to an in-demand voice talent star.

Who is Ted Williams?

Ted Williams is a popular voice-over artist known for his distinct radio-perfect voice. He started out as a radio announcer in Columbus, Ohio.

Like millions of other Americans, William's faced struggles with drug and alcohol addiction. After losing his home and career, a videographer interviewed Williams about his voice talent and homeless-living situation.

The video became a viral success, and Williams began receiving multiple job offers for voice-over work. After getting back in the voice talent market, he shifted his media spotlight focus on addressing America's homeless epidemic. 

History of Ted Williams

Ted Williams was born in 1958 and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He was adopted at three weeks old and struggled with being "different" from his family and peers. 

He was inspired to become a voice talent in his teens after he met a radio announcer who looked nothing like what his on-air voice would lead people to assume.

After briefly serving in the U.S. Army, he attended a voicing acting school to polish his voice career ambitions. Williams then worked as a radio announcer for the WVKO (1580 AM) soul music station, before its current transition to Catholic programs.

Fall Seven Times and Stand Up Eight

From the 1980s-2000s, however, drugs and alcohol upended Williams' life. Addiction cost his career, his home, and strained relationships with his family.

In 2011, Williams would ask for help on the street with a sign that read "I have a God-given gift of voice. I'm an ex-radio announcer who has fallen on hard times." Columbus Dispatch videographer Doral Chenoweth pulled alongside Williams and asked for an unscripted demonstration of his radio voice.

Williams' undeniable voice talent and his honest, humble story inspired millions of people. Along with work for MSNBC, Kraft Foods, and ESPN, Williams has authored a book and founded a homeless non-profit.

Facts About Ted Williams

Williams has nine children and 16 grandchildren. His path to drug addiction began when he smoked marijuana to celebrate his fifth child's birth. Unbeknownst to Williams, it was laced with crack cocaine.

Williams and his mother were estranged for over 20 years. TV networks NBC and CBS fought over Williams' reconciliation with his mother. Both networks wanted the emotional moment exclusively for themselves.

NBC had Ted Williams and CBS had Julia Williams. They ended up delaying their re-connection months later thanks to the studio furor.

Williams is a devout Christian and credits his faith with helping him stay hopeful and maintaining his grace through the dark moments of addiction. His book explores faith, addiction, and the cycles of family abandonment.

His dream job is voice acting for Disney-Pixar.

The Man with the Golden Voice

Ted Williams and his journey reflect the struggles many of us deal with in life. Despite all the setbacks, he still achieved his ultimate voice-career aspirations through his perseverance and the empathy and kindness of other people.

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