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How to Land a Voice-Over Job at Home

Monday, January 3, 2022

In 2020, 71% of Americans were working from home, and it seems like more people will continue to do so into the future. 

Did you know voice acting and voice-over jobs can be done from the comfort of home as well? With the right equipment and know-how, you can land an online voice-over job.

Want to know how? Keep reading! We'll give you some advice on finding and booking voice-over work. 

How to Find Voice Over Jobs Online

If you are a budding freelance voice actor looking for voice-over jobs, think of this new endeavor as a small business. Your voice is your product.

Do some research and dig into the online voice acting world. Find local or online vocal training, look for networking events, and find ways to make your auditions stand out from the crowd. 

Make sure you have a quiet room to record in and the proper equipment for the job before you start submitting. You want to appear as professional as possible. 

You can find and contact online voice talent banks and marketplaces. Submit your samples and create demo reels to wow potential clients. If you see a casting call you think you'd be perfect for, put your hat in the ring and wait to see if you get a callback. 

How Do You Get a Job Doing Voice-Overs?

Once you've started submitting your voice to casting calls, you may be wondering, "how can I get a job doing voice-overs." Auditioning is one thing, but landing a job is another.

Practice a ton. Go to vocal classes, practice reading aloud, and figure out how you can do a variety of reads for the same script. As an example, if your client wants something to sound "more regal," try to determine what that means and how you can change your read to make their request. 

If you've submitted auditions, follow up. Be persistent and make sure they remember your name. 

Can You Do Voice Over Jobs From Home?

Doing voice-over work from home is not new, and many voice actors have recorded and submitted their samples and jobs from home for years. 

If you are starting as a freelance voice actor, you can make your auditions stand out by ensuring you have the proper recording setup and recording technique. Please clean up your audio after you've recorded it, remove any distracting noises, or reads you messed up on. You want to make sure you only provide the best quality records and reads for the audition.

You Can Find Voice-Over Jobs Today!

If you want to land voice-over jobs, you can start right now! Submit your voice to our voice talent bank and start being heard by potential clients from all over the world. Who knows, you may just have the right voice for the job!

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