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How to Develop a Radio Voice and Get the Job You Want

Monday, January 10, 2022

Are you thinking of turning your distinctive voice into a career? You'll be following in the footsteps of some very famous but surprising names in voice talent, including Walt Disney!

But a voice talent career means you'll be up against some stiff competition. You'll need to go one step further than relying on your natural voice to stand out at voice auditions.

Here's our guide to developing your radio voice to win over producers and win the jobs that will take your voice career to the next level.

Try Regular Vocal Exercises

Voice work is the same as any other physically demanding job. To perform this work at your peak, you'll need to support your physical self, including your vocal cords.

Here's what vocal exercise you need to do daily to keep your voice in tip-top condition:

  • Practice a tongue twister, which will also help you practice speaking eloquently and crisply
  • Try humming, slowly increasing the volume, as it's an easy way to get the vocal cords working first thing in the morning
  • Try "aah" or "mm," moving gradually up the octave

Find a practice routine that works best for you, and choose the same time of day (preferably morning) to do. Even five minutes will help keep those vocal cords in perfect condition. 

As well as warmups, there are other small daily habits you can use to improve your voice for radio. Drinking plenty of cool water will keep you hydrated. Avoid dairy, as this can increase mucus.

And take a daily vitamin to boost your immune system and ward off colds and coughs. 

Discover Your Voice's Personality

You want to work in radio, but how much do you genuinely know about your voice? The more you know about how your voice comes across in a recording, the easier it will be to audition for suitable jobs.

So now it's time to get a recording. If you can afford it, pay for some professional recording time to have the best voice capture to analyze. 

That is important because you want to go for roles that make the most of your naturally good voice and not feel forced to push your voice into something it isn't.

Accepting your natural voice and finding a good fit for it is the best advice for a long and successful career. 

Recording your voice will also help you look for common mistakes and inflictions that you can work on correcting. 

Practice, Practice, Practice

There is no substitute for regular practice to develop your voice. Even with a unique and memorable voice that might be perfect for radio, you want to aim to be the consummate professional in any recording opportunity

Here are some of the main features you want to fine-tune:

Breathing: Take regular, natural breathes when rehearsing a script.

Pace: A common mistake for amateurs is to rush a recording. When you listen back to a practice session, hear for signs that it feels rushed. The pace should feel conversational. 

Volume: You probably have an excellent amplification if you seek a radio career. But make sure the volume is even throughout a recording.

Variation: You're a radio talent, so your voice recording needs to sound exciting. Read through each script to pull out the words and phrases that you should emphasize, and practice making these sound captivating.

Is Your Radio Voice Ready?

To be blessed with a naturally strong radio voice is one thing. But it won't be a substitute for putting in the preparation work if you plan on turning that talent into an exciting radio career. 

Are you ready to introduce your gift to the world? Get in contact with our team to become featured in our list of talent. 

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