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How to Choose the Right Voice Talent Agency: A Guide

Monday, February 7, 2022

There are over 42,000 actors in the US, with many of those being voice-over talent. So, how can you stand out from the crowd and get your dream voice-over job? 

Whether you are new to the voice talent world or you have an established career, a voice talent agency can ensure you get the jobs you desire. But there are also many voice-over talent agencies out there.

While the right agency can enhance your career, the wrong one can end it. Read on to learn how to choose the right voice-over talent agency for you. 

Check Accreditations

Unfortunately, there are a lot of fake voice talent agencies out there. They often seem convincing but will quickly want money or personal details. Save yourself wasted time and potentially wasted money by researching companies. 

There are different ways you can research companies. An excellent place to start is to ask them for licenses and more details about their business.

You can also check the list from the Screen Actors Guild- American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA). While not every successful agency is here, it gives you a good starting point for research. 

Voice Talent Jobs

Check what voice talent jobs the agency has secured for its actors. It will give you an idea of their connections and success rate. It can also help indicate if they specialize in a particular area of voice talent or whether they have a range of voice versatility and jobs. 

You can also enquire into how they help you find jobs or how they advertise your profile. Ideally, you will have a knowledgeable agency that can provide information on ways to develop and who takes care of promoting your voice talent. 

Hiring Process

Does the voice talent agency have a particular hiring process? You want to make sure they have a strategy to hire great voice-over talent. Otherwise, their books could be overcapacity, reducing the number of voice talent jobs on offer. 

However, while you want to make sure they vet voice-over talent, you also want a streamlined hiring process. You do not want to wait to audition online, have to compete in an auction, or make payments. 

Voice Talent Agency Reviews 

While a voice talent agency may look great on paper, their reviews need to match. Check independent reviews for the agency to learn how supportive and reputable they are. Also, ask other voice-over actors for their recommendations. 

The Best Voice Talent Agency

There are different ways to find the best voice talent agency for your needs. It starts with knowing what you want. Consider what type of voice talent jobs you desire and the support you require.

There are many benefits of using a voice talent agency. You will discover them all with Voice Talent Now. Voice Talent Now is here to help you secure your dream voice talent jobs with a streamlined hiring process. 

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