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A Quick Guide to Voiceover Equipment

Monday, March 7, 2022

There is so much more to voiceovers than speaking. Voice talent also needs to gesture and act while using their voice to find the right emotional tone. The use of voiceover equipment is also non-negotiable.

Exactly what is voiceover equipment? It's everything you need to capture and record voiceovers created by a voice talent. Without it, voiceovers don't exist.

Are you intrigued by voiceover equipment and interested in setting up your own home studio? This quick voiceover equipment guide will help you figure out all the essentials you need.

Computer or Laptop

Everything technical nowadays happens through a computer and voiceovers are no exception. If you want to capture, store, send, and receive audio files then you need access to one.

When choosing voiceover equipment in general, invest in newer models and not older second-hand versions. Apple Macbooks and PCs with generous RAM will give you the storage and processing power are the best voiceover equipment you can buy.

Consider opening a cloud software account so it's easier to share audio files with collaborators too.

Recording and Editing Software

To capture audio, you need a digital audio workstation. This is software that will allow you to capture and edit audio so you can increase the quality and remove imperfections.

Some of the best voiceover software are Adobe Audition and Avid Pro Tools. But if you're a beginner you can start with free or more affordable software like Audacity and GarageBand.

Microphone and Accessories

If you know anything about voiceover equipment, you know that microphones are the main tool you need to capture sound. For those starting a home studio on a budget, you might consider getting a USB microphone. But if you want to capture top-quality voice recordings then use an External Line Return (ELR) microphone instead.

There are lots of types of microphones and some are better for voiceovers than others. Shotgun mics and lapel mics are ideal for capturing sound on the go, but condenser mics are best for studio recordings.

One of the best voiceover equipment tips anyone could give you is to not skimp on the microphone accessories. Microphone stands and pop filters ensure that the audio is consistent and clear.

Soundproofing Gear

It doesn't matter how good your voice talent is or the quality of your voiceover equipment if you can hear a siren in the background. Stick foam panels on your studio walls and use soundproof blankets wherever you can. Cover the edges of door frames with removable soundproof insulation.

Professional Voiceover Equipment Is Essential

You cannot have a professional home studio without professional voiceover equipment. And you can be sure that this guide includes all the essentials you need to get started on your voiceover recording journey.

Having access to all the best quality voiceover equipment in the world is worthless without the right voice talent. We at Voice Talent Now make hiring the ideal voiceover for your project easy and affordable. Learn more about how to order a voice talent by clicking here!

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