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The Most Popular Voice-Over Talent in 2022

Monday, May 2, 2022

Did you know that Americans still spend an average of 3 hours a day watching TV? With so much time in front of the screen, we're all bound to watch a ton of commercials.

But who are the voice actors behind these commercials? Who are the best voice actors working in the voice-over industry today?

That's what we're here to look at today. Read on to find out more about some of the best voice-over talent of 2022. 

What Is Voice-Over Talent For?

It's easy to mix up voice-overs with voice acting. While the basic skills carry over, they have different uses.

Voice-overs are used in films, television shows, and perhaps most prominently in commercials as a way of communicating information about something. They're usually disconnected from a narrative.

When you watch an advertisement on TV or before a YouTube video, someone has to speak the words promoting a product or service. That's what voice-over talent is usually for.

Popular Voice-Over Talent in 2022

Voice-over talent is constantly being sought after, as companies need a reliable way to convey something to an audience. These voice-over talents are the best of the best, and you might've heard of a few of them. 

Bill DeWees

Bill DeWees is a prominent voice-over talent that's worked for large companies such as American Express, Eli Lilly, and Chevrolet. He's known for doing a wide variety of voices and tones to fit any clients' needs.

Whether you're going for conversational or dramatic, DeWees is someone who can do it all. He also has instructional videos and courses online to help others build their talents. 

Bev Standing

Bev Standing might be the most listened-to voice talent on this list just on the merits of her recent exposure on TikTok. Her voice is prominently featured as one of the text-to-speech voices on the platform.

While Standing has recently settled a few suits regarding TikTok's use of her likeness, she's not simply defined by this role. She's been a prominent voice-over talent in Canada for years, as she still takes on work to this day.

Steve Blum

Steve Blum is most known for his voice acting chops, as his roles in shows like "Cowboy Bebop" helped define a generation of Japanese animation in the U.S. He's also an incredibly talented voice-over professional.

While his scope of work exceeds far beyond the space allotted for this article, let's just say he's a consummate professional when it comes to voice-overs. He even takes time to teach others the art of the voice-over.

Crispin Freeman

Crispin Freeman is another voice-over talent that's worked in English dubs but also has a storied career in voice-overs. He still does plenty of commercials and narrations on top of his other duties.

Find the Best Voice Talent Today

With such a large pool of qualified professionals, finding the best voice-over talent is much easier in 2022. Use this guide to know who some of the best ones out there doing voice-overs today are!

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