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Learning From the Most Effective Radio Advertisements

Monday, May 9, 2022

The first radio advertisements hit the airwaves 100 years ago, in 1922. Since then, quite a few things have changed in radio advertising. But, the reach of radio ads remains constant. Even today, 83% of Americans tune in to a radio station every week.

But, how do you make a radio advertisement that sticks with your audience? While there are many trusted methods, we think studying the great radio advertisements of history is an excellent place to start. We've chosen 3 of the best radio advertisements in this guide and identified what makes them great.

Pizza Hut World Cup Radio Ad Campaign

Pizza Hut partnered with Pepsi to create compelling radio ads for their World Cup deals in 2010. They use their airtime to excitedly announce a great deal: Everyone who buys two medium pizzas gets a free soccer ball and four cans of Pepsi for free. 

What Makes This Radio Ad Successful

Pizza Hut's World Cup campaign takes advantage of topical marketing. It leverages something that many listeners find interest in to generate interest. While this isn't a strategy that boasts longevity, you can use topical marketing to amass many leads in a short period. 

This campaign also creates a sense of urgency, novelty, and an irresistible deal with Pizza Hut's limited-time offer. They inspire their audience to buy before the offer expires. When you create your radio ad, think about how you can use these tactics to encourage a purchase.

Mars Confessions Radio Ad Campaign

The Mars Confessions radio advertisements featured a talking-head approach where the voice talent narrated some of their dirty little secrets. One woman says, "I told my son that the ice cream man only plays music when he's run out of ice cream." The audience laughs as more confessions roll out, and the Snickers tagline, "you're not you when your hungry," plays. 

What Makes This Radio Ad Successful

This ad does two key things right: It grabs your attention and appeals to its audience. The zany confessions of the ad's voice talent are enough to catch anyone's ear. Furthermore, Mars leverages humor in this campaign to appeal to its younger audience. When you make your radio ad, think about how you will grab and hold onto your target audience's attention like Mars does here.

Dr. Pepper's "Be a Pepper" Radio Ad Campaign

The "Be a Pepper" radio advertisements began airing in the 1970s. It featured one captivating jingle that transformed with performances by different artists.

Like other jingles, "Be a Pepper" was catchy and easy to get stuck in your head. Unlike other jingles, it was pretty pleasant, and people enjoyed singing it all day. It felt more like another song than an advertisement.

What Makes This Radio Ad Successful

"Be a Pepper" highlights the importance of a catchy jingle. Jingles establish brand recognition because they are easy to memorize and repeatable. You can do this, too, without even making a full-on song. Brands with jingles like Farmer's Insurance, McDonald's, and Ricola cough drops use simple, short jingles in their radio marketing.  

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