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How to Make the Most of Your TV Advertising

Monday, June 6, 2022

The average cost to run a 30-second commercial on a national network is $104,700. Because this is such a costly investment, you need to be thorough as you build out your tv advertising plan. 

To attract as many viewers as possible, television advertising producers must think critically about developing their products. Keep reading to learn more about tv advertising and how to make a good tv ad. 

Make the Most of Your Time

In the digital age, people's attention spans are shrinking. The average digital consumer's attention span is only 8 seconds. Even in a 30-second commercial slot, you have 8 seconds to make your point and hook the viewer. 

As a result of consumers' shrinking attention spans, TV producers must optimize their time. 

Use of Ecovative Visual Content 

Television is primarily a visual art. This makes it essential to use evocative visual content when learning to make a good TV ad. Graphics, aerial shots, and b-roll are a great way to communicate your message to an audience in a captivating way. 

When TV advertisements are full of talking-head footage, they are less captivating to viewers. TV voiceovers are a tool that can help you showcase evocative visual content while still sharing an audible message. 

Start Making Data-Driven Decisions

Data-driven marketing metrics use qualitative metrics to identify success and areas for improvement. These insights give you the information necessary to adapt your tv marketing campaign to yield better results consistently. 

Run a Demo

If you are unsure how your target audience will receive your TV advertising campaign, you should run a demo. A demo allows you to mock up a TV commercial and expose it to a smaller audience. 

This means that you can see what results in an advertisement yields before doubling down on your investment. 

Determine KPIs

A KPI is a key primary indicator. These indicators evaluate your success and create qualitative objects to determine your advertisement's performance. 

The goal of advertising is to produce an impact on your target audience. In TV marketing, great advertisers can determine metrics for success before their commercial starts airing. 

Echo Messaging on Digital 

Paying for commercial spots on television is incredibly expensive. In addition to the growing cost of being on television, the pool of traditional television viewers is shrinking. 78% of households use subscription streaming services. 

To amplify your impact on TV messaging, you should make alternative 6-second and 15-second videos on YouTube and Facebook. These shorter cuts can help you improve the impact of your television commercials. 

Make the Most of Your TV Advertising 

Although advertising is evolving, TV advertising remains chief as an advertising platform. TV advertising is a great tool to improve your brand's name recognition and connect with your target audience. 

Contact our team of experts to get started building out effective TV advertisements. 

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