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7 Tips for Hiring Voice Talent for Your TV Advertisement

Monday, July 11, 2022

If you've come this far as to think about hiring voice talent, you know your particular talent's importance. A very substantial part of advertisement marketing is when you pick the right aspects for your brand. One of those is deciding the voice that best fits your brand.

You've noticed before how one voice can fully embody a brand. Your TV advertisement needs to stand out and be your voice. This means picking the right voice talent to show off what your brand is looking for. 

The question is, how do you know what to look for in voice talent? Lucky for you, we're here to help guide you with those big decisions. Here are seven hiring tips to take into consideration. 

1. Elicit a Reaction 

You need a strong voice that's going to stand out. When it comes to advertisement marketing, you want to make a statement.

Identify the tone you're looking for and find voice talent that matches the image you're going for. 

2. Be Clear Enough to Understand 

It's important to know that the message you're putting out is being received. Always pick a voice that will be clear enough for your audience to hear.

Look for a talent who can accurately speak the script provided for them. 

3. Fit the Age Tone

Be careful with whom you cast. You need the television ad to come across as fitting for the audience you're targeting.

Make sure that your talent sounds like they're the correct fit to make your ad believable. 

4. Depth and Range of Expression 

Can the voice talent convey everything you're looking to communicate with their tone and diction? Do they have the depth in their voice to be that crucial part of your TV ad?

These are essential aspects to consider during your hiring process. 

5. Be Willing to Be Your Voice

Is the person in question willing to represent your brand and continue for more than one TV ad?

If you're looking for long-range voice talent, run your advertisement ideas by them and ensure they have the same goals for your projects. 

6. Be Reliable 

Reliability is always a problem in the industry. The talent you're looking at needs to be reliable for your projects.

Make sure that you both understand how long you will be working together. 

7. Have Credibility 

Look into what your potential talent has done in the past. If you're looking for someone who has had positions in the past, listen to their voice tapes.

Always make sure that your potential talent has the range and credibility you're looking for to include in your project. 

Put Your All Into Your TV Advertisement

When it comes to representing your brand, you want a voice talent that will embody your image. Your TV advertisement needs to be able to stand out among the masses.

Let us be here for you to find the right talent that fits your image. If you have any concerns, drop us a note. It's time to find the vibe you're looking for. 

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