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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Professional Voice Over Gigs

Monday, August 1, 2022

Being a professional voice actor is a highly sought-after career that comes with many great benefits. It can be a flexible and fun part of the entertainment industry, allowing anyone to be incredibly creative. But how exactly can you get a career started and find voice-over gigs?

Depending on the voice acting you’re interested in, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved. Anyone can do voice acting since you don’t need a special degree to find work. While it takes effort to put out great work and find bigger gigs, there are steps you can take to get to the point where you can reach that goal.

Are you interested in starting up your career in the voice talent industry? Want to find out how to get those bigger roles? Read on for our guide for getting professional voice-over gigs.

Voice Acting Coach and Acting Lessons

Professional voice-over work involves using your voice a lot, which can be more challenging than most people think. Working with a voice acting coach can help you to learn different ways to enhance how you speak and articulate. Delivering lines and breathing in between sentences will improve your ability to do the work.

This also applies to acting lessons, which will help you convey emotions when delivering lines of dialogue. Both can work together and improve the way you speak and fulfill whatever role you are cast in. Showcasing your skills at a much higher level is a good step towards landing the higher-paying gigs everyone wants.

Practicing and Auditioning

Like any other skill, voice-over work requires you to practice your craft continuously. This can involve practicing how you deliver lines into a microphone, trying different types of characters and dialogue, and listening to other voice actors at work. The more you practice and expose yourself to different parts of voice talent gigs, the better you will eventually become.

Another part of voice talent careers is going to auditions. No company will just give you a role. You need to show that you’re what they are looking for. The more you put yourself out there, the more chances you’ll have at someone casting you into a role.

The best thing to do with auditions is to find auditions that fit your voice and style of acting. It’ll be difficult at first to find an abundance of work, so you’ll have to keep looking and trying over again. Don’t get discouraged by rejections or unreturned calls; keep looking for more places to showcase your talent.

Networking Is Very Useful

While this is important to any field, networking can be a big part of how you get new voice-over gigs. Being friendly with others and developing relationships with colleagues will allow others to remember you and possibly recommend you to those looking for talent.

It’s not so much about having a sales pitch but being genuine and honest with those around you who are in the same field.

Being A Professional Voice Over Talent

With our guide on getting into professional voice-over work, you’ll be a step closer to making a career out of being a voice actor. Many popular and iconic voice talent careers started from the same place and eventually became well known through hard work and patience. Remember these tips to take your first steps toward your next creative career.

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