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How to Write a Radio Spot That Gets Results

Monday, October 10, 2022

Despite all the available media, the vast majority of people still listen to the radio, at least from time to time. This means that creating radio ads can still be beneficial for your business! 

Have you considered writing and recording a radio spot to gain more customers? Not sure where to start? Let's talk about it.

Read on to learn a few quick tips for how to write a radio ad that converts.

Time It Right

Radio ads have to be short, sweet, and to the point. When you're advertising on the radio, you're trying to hold someone's attention well enough that radio listeners don't get bored and change the station. 

Generally, the sweet spot is about 30 seconds. Some ads run for up to a minute, but this won't be effective if you don't make the ad entertaining. Some ads are as short as 15 seconds and can still be effective.

Decide on a Call-to-Action First

What do you want to accomplish with your radio advertisement? Starting without a CTA is like starting without a goal. It's easy to lose focus. 

Be specific. Do you want listeners to visit your website? Are you trying to get them to buy a specific product at your store? Simply wanting "more customers" is not enough. 

Your CTA tells listeners what you want them to do. Make it clear.

Develop a Hook

A hook is what gets your listeners interested and invested in your radio ad. It's what makes them stop before they change the station. If you don't hook them right away within the first few seconds, it's all over.

There are many ways to hook an audience. Your goal is to somehow convey to them that your message is relevant to their lives but in record time.

Starting with humor, an emotional anecdote or a question can work well. 

Make Sure to Emphasize Your Message

Don't get so caught up in writing a fantastic ad that you forget to make your actual message crystal clear. You need to talk about why your product, service, cause, or whatever else you're advertising is worthy of your listeners' attention.

You only have a few moments to highlight the best features of whatever you're advertising. Be direct, but use persuasive language to guide your listeners where you want them to go. 

You can have the most entertaining ad in the world, but if your listener can't remember your cause, it won't help you.

Write for the Ear

When you write most things, you don't write for the ear. The lyrical flow of a piece doesn't seem to matter unless you're writing music or poetry, right?

Wrong. Writing for the ear is essential if you're writing radio ads. The words need to flow together without flowing into each other. Your ad needs to sound natural and be aurally pleasing. 

Make sure to read your ad out loud when you're revising. 

Revise (and Then Revise Again) 

When you finish your ad, put it away for a day or so before returning to it. Now it's time to revise.

So what's the point of waiting a day? It can be difficult to notice mistakes if the writing is too fresh. By giving yourself a break from it, you'll be able to see it with new eyes.

If possible, have someone else read it out loud as well. You'll be able to hear it in someone else's voice, and you may catch mistakes you wouldn't have otherwise. 

It's Time to Write Your Radio Spot

If you want your radio spot to convert, you have to make it count! Use these tips to start creating a radio ad that's sure to get results.

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