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How To Find Voice Over Work as a Voice Over Artist

Monday, December 12, 2022

Did you know that the demand for voice-over work has skyrocketed over 900% within the last few years?

People have been listening to podcasts and consuming other media types with ads more than ever before. Since companies want to cash in on these branding opportunities, you can also launch a lucrative career by providing voice talent.

Have people always told you that you have an incredible voice? You should consider pursuing a voice talent career. Read on to learn some tips on getting started in this industry.

Use Voice Work Platforms

If you're ready to dive into the fun and make some money, then you'll be happy to know that there are plenty of platforms out there that can help shine a spotlight on your talent. By uploading samples of your work, other people searching for voice talent can listen to you and get in touch if they like what they hear.

The best part is that this work doesn't require you to leave your home. You can learn more about doing voice-over work from home.

Consider Finding a Voice Over Agent

Once you have some experience, you should be able to team up with an amazing voice-over agent. They'll hunt for the best opportunities that would be a good fit for your unique voice.

Be aware that voice-over agents gets requests from lots of voice talent, so don't be discouraged if you get rejected at first. The right match is out there waiting to help you.

Expand Your Skills With Professional Coaching

If you've had a few gigs and realize that you're in love with this profession, then it's always worth investing in your skills. Professional coaching could open the door for many more job offers.

Do your research to verify that the coaching you sign up for is useful.

Keep an Eye Out for Local Auditions

Sometimes you can find the most exciting job opportunities in your community. Sign up for newsletters and join social media groups to receive alerts whenever there's a new audition.

Attending auditions in person can be intimidating, but focus on warming your voice and bringing your best self out.

Network to Learn About More Voice-Over Jobs

No matter which industry you're entering, networking is the key to long-term success. Don't be shy about introducing yourself to others in your line of work.

When you develop genuine connections with others, they'll want to help you get ahead.

Are You Ready to Pursue Voice Over Work?

Voice-over work can be some of the most fulfilling projects you ever do. After reading this guide, you can look forward to marketing your talent and earning money.

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