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Utilizing Voice Talent to Enhance Your Brand Image

Monday, February 6, 2023

Did you know that 90% of Americans listen to the radio every day? If you aren't capitalizing on this, your business could be losing customers and potential growth!

Every business looking to improve its brand image should hire voice talent. A brand voice can help you reach more audiences with more consistency, skill, and associative potential. You want people to remember your company, and voice talents are the way to do that.

Does your business need a voice to represent it? Read on to discover why you should utilize voice talent for your brand image.

Reaching More Target Audiences

The first reason to hire voice talent to promote your brand image is that it expands your reach. Think about how you usually advertise or attract attention to your business.

Most people have a recognizable logo or mascot. They post ads and banners on social media. Most businesses also maintain a physical presence in newspapers, magazines, and posters.

This approach, however, is entirely visual. As such, it leaves out auditory advertising. There is plenty of opportunity to advertise in both audio and visual arenas.

For example, TV and radio ads require a strong voice behind your brand. By using voice talent to advertise, you reach non-visual audiences better.

Indeed, one of the most significant captive audiences is those stuck in traffic. Playing a good radio ad, with more than a simple jingle, will help spread the word. If your company is large enough to do a TV ad, it pays to have a good voice talent there.

Creating Brand Association

This might be one of the most important reasons to hire for a voice talent job. With the right person, you can create an immortal brand association. There are many successful examples that spring to mind.

The GEICO Gecko is a great one. Another is "Jake" from State Farm. What memorable brand ads have in common is a voice or character everyone recognizes.

You don't even have to pay a celebrity, the way Visa did for Morgan Freeman. There are plenty of more affordable and easy-to-hire voice talents that you can use to become the next legendary brand voice.

If the goal of promoting your brand image is to stick in people's minds, then this is one of the best ways to do it. Hire a good voice talent and craft a campaign that people will remember ten years down the road.

Consistent Delivery

The reason why voice talent jobs are in demand is because of what they can offer your business. The primary factor is consistent delivery. Many business owners try to do their voice ads themselves or use in-house staff.

In the right sort of business, this could work. Small local businesses, for example, can come across as endearing when the owner does it. The problem is you aren't likely to get the same quality or consistency without hiring an expert.

Voice talents can help deliver a clear message with the right tone or emotion. They open up infinite possibilities, including skits or "scenario" ads. These involve acting abilities, which few typical business owners possess.

If you combine this with creating a consistent brand association, then the sky is the limit. As soon as people hear that voice and that consistent delivery, they think of your company, and vice versa.

Why Hire Voice Talent?

The right voice talent can create an automatic association between the voice on the ad and your company. Once this gets stuck in people's heads, they'll never forget your business name.

Hiring someone, rather than doing it yourself, also ensures quality and consistency. At Voice Talent Now, we can hook you up with the best fit for your business. Contact us today, and together, we can take your brand promotion to the next level.

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